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HALA & Seattle 2035

East Fremont Reacts to HALA Proposals

hala-no-sign-b-1-8-17Residents in East Fremont/West Wallingford who live in the Wallingford Urban Village between Aurora Avenue North and Stone Way North are raising their voices in concern that the proposed upzoning in the HALA “Grand Bargain” will not bring diversity and affordability to the neighborhood while it dramatically affects liveability.  One resident called the neighborhood the “sacrifice zone.”

FNC shares updates here, with many links to further information.

FNC has been working to make residents aware of the changes being proposed by both HALA and the Seattle 2035 growth planning process.  FNC board members, Toby Thaler and Pete Hornyack, represented the community on the city’s HALA Focus Groups.  The Wallingford Community Council has also been very active in organizing meetings and communicating with Wallingford, including East Fremont residents, on the issue. Both homeowners and renters have been involved.


One Response to “East Fremont Reacts to HALA Proposals”

  1. I wish to apologize for confusion caused by early versions of the “East Fremont” sticker added to some of the “No HALA Upzones” signs. The included “Fremont Neighborhood Council” underneath. That was an error; the FNC has not taken a position on HALA upzones. I was responsible for having those stickers printed up and we should not have included “FNC” in a way that implied support for a position we have not taken.

    If you wish to express your opinion about the proposed upzones in East Fremont (as well as in Fremont both in the urban village below 39th/40th and in all the Lowrise and NC zones in Upper Fremont), please attend an FNC meeting (next one is tomorrow Monday, Jan. 23) or send us an email or comment here.

    Posted by Toby Thaler | January 23, 2017, 6:41 am

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