Respond to the Fremont Arts Council: The Future Survey “Community starts with you..” The FAC Board  

Dear beloved Community, Fremonsters, City Officials, Sponsors, Family, and Friends: The Future of the Fremont Arts Council and the Fremont Solstice Parade is at risk.  The Fremont Arts Council has been around for over 40 years, serving community arts and bringing the Solstice Parade, Luminata, Trolloween, and more to Seattle! In these trying times, we have not been able to hold any of the events, which generate income to sustain the livelihood of the FAC. Furthermore, our sponsors and donors are themselves strained by COVID 19 and we are short staffed in board members, volunteers, and members.  Faced with all of this, we wonder,“Will the Fremont Arts Council survive?” What’s the game plan? We are looking to raise $200,000 for our 2020/21 contingency planning which includes but is not limited to hiring staff, restructuring the organization, funding security & maintenance of the Fremont Troll, covering storage yard rent, and repairing and maintaining the Powerhouse art studio. We are continuing our efforts in raising donations large and small, searching for grant opportunities, and endowments. To help us assess the future, the Fremont Arts Council is asking you to participate in a survey that addresses this question. We need and would love your feedback. The info gathered will help us with our future planning. Thank you for your time and effort! Fremont Arts Council: The Future Survey Community starts with you, The FAC Board