The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) is asking for input on the Pedestrian Zone Mapping Project (pedestrian retail areas). But you will have to search to find plans for Fremont and Wallingford.  Here are the links:

They appear in the Central Region,under Lake Union District,  not North Region where you might expect them.  The Department of Planning and Development (DPD) writes that they ”  …would like your input on the Pedestrian Zone Mapping Project(pedestrian retail areas).” But be very careful before commenting.  Before you give input on this topic,take time to really read the documents and think carefully about the impact of on how you and your family and friends use the street.  Here’s DPD’s message:

The City Council has asked DPD to study a variety of areas around the city to promote more walkable neighborhood business districts. This would involve adding a pedestrian designation to existing Neighborhood Commercial Zones. We are also considering modifications to the existing regulations that would apply to existing and new pedestrian zones.

Pedestrian zones are important because they provide locations for businesses that serve neighborhood residents’ daily needs. They play a key role in creating safe neighborhoods where you would want to live, work, and shop. A pedestrian zone designation is intended to protect an existing pedestrian-oriented retail district, or encourage the development of a new district.

We have completed our initial analysis and prepared preliminary DPD recommendations to kick-off a discussion with the community. We have posted information and preliminary recommendations on the project website with an accompanying survey. We are attending district council meetings and are also available to talk with residents, businesses and other organizations. After a few months of gathering feedback and attending meetings, we will prepare final recommendations for the Mayor and City Council.

We want to hear from you! Please review the materials posted on the project website, fill out the survey and contact us if you or your organization would like to discuss the project in more detail.

You can also submit comments or direct questions to:  Aly Pennucci, Senior Planner, DPD, 206-386-9132 or We are eager to hear your thoughts and those of your fellow citizens.

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Pedestrian Retail Areas Project webpage: