The Fremont Neighborhood Council has always paid close attention to city planning, and we encourage Fremonsters to stay engaged with this upcoming round of planning. Our members can both stay in touch with developments and work with FNC to help us understand and influence the impacts of planning on every place in Fremont. (Join us.)

“The City of Seattle has selected six community-based organizations to help design and carry out public engagement strategies for the update of Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan. Each of the organizations submitted engagement proposals that center the voices of people of color as the City updates its vision for how we will grow and invest in our communities.

“Mayor Bruce Harrell’s One Seattle vision will provide a framework for the Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD) as it works with residents to update our Comprehensive Plan. The planning process will continue through 2024, when the City Council is scheduled adopt the final plan, as required by the state’s Growth Management Act.

“ ‘The Comprehensive Plan update is our City’s opportunity to envision the future we want to see in Seattle and to design the blueprint that makes that vision possible,’ said Mayor Harrell. ‘Core to our mission – ensuring Seattle is a special place with enhanced affordability, climate resilience, and equity – is the need to center community. This thoughtful and targeted approach ensures that underrepresented communities don’t just have a seat at the table, but are actively shaping the conversation and helping drive forward our Comprehensive Plan update.’

“Each of these six organizations will receive a $30,000 contract to help co-create OPCD’s community engagement efforts for the Comprehensive Plan update:

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