Is it safe to donate blood? Yes, donating blood is a safe activity and patients need you now.

Your Fremont Community based business, Sorse Tech, has partnered with Bloodworks NW as our state of Washington is currently experiencing an emergency need for all blood types as the Pacific Northwest’s blood supply is at risk of collapse in coming days.  The accelerating number of blood drive cancellations due to the closure of schools, businesses, and events over coronavirus concerns has put nearly 60% of the community’s blood supply in jeopardy. For the safety and care of current and future patients, Bloodworks is urging the community to step up to donate and spread word of the current need. If you’re healthy and haven’t donated recently please join us on Friday– March 13th from 9:00am to 3:00pm to donate your blood, SIGN UP HERE! Information is available on our website BloodworksNW/Coronavirus to help answer questions or concerns people may have about donating blood.

Don’t forget: Eat before and after you donate, stay hydrated, bring your photo ID or donor

Is it safe to donate blood? Yes, donating blood is a safe activity and patients need you now.

Blood donation is a safe activity. Bloodworks Northwest is complying with all FDA, CDC, and local health departments to ensure the safety of both donors and patients in our community during the COVID-19 outbreak. There is no risk of contracting coronavirus from the donation process and that there have been no reported cases of transfusion-transmitted coronavirus anywhere in the world (Source: AABB and FDA)In addition, Bloodworks is taking all necessary precautions to make your donation environment as safe as possible, including advising staff to stay home if they are sick and adding to their existing cleaning and sanitizing protocols.

During this period of uncertainty, Bloodworks still needs 1,000 donations per day to support patients in our local hospitals who still need blood for cancer treatment, trauma, and surgeries, and we urge all who are healthy and eligible to donate blood as soon as possible to ensure the safety and stability of our blood supply. Please visit the Bloodworks Northwest website for more questions and answers for donors about coronavirus and how you can help.

To make your blood donation appointment, please visit, call 800-398-7888, or text bloodapp to 91985 to download the Bloodworks App.

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