BF DAY’s Playground Project writes: There is lots of good news to report on the B.F. Day Playground Project. We are also getting in touch today to ask for your help. The project received final approval of both the King County Youth Sports Facilities Grant ($50,000) and the Department of Neighborhoods Large Project Fund ($100,000).

On November 27, the Rotary Club of Fremont, along with Pecado Bueno restaurant hosted a fundraiser for the playground project. The final count isn’t yet in, but we do know that at least $3,300 was raised that evening. Thank you to all those who helped with and attended the event!

Budget/Fundraising Update–For Phase 1 Construction, the budget is ~$240,000. The two big grants give the project $150,000, plus we have raised an additional $40,999 to date. With a slight rounding up, we have raised $191,000

This means we still need to raise $49,000 by February 15, 2013. We have some outstanding commitments and grant applications. Considering these other efforts, we would be in great shape if we could raise at least $7,000-$15,000 with our Legacy Campaign. This is where your help is needed. Please consider the following:

1) Can you buy a brick or a window cling?

2) Do you know any B.F. Day Alumni? Can you ask them if they would contribute?

3) Do you live in the neighborhood? Please consider asking your neighbors.

4) Can you help by asking a few businesses in downtown Fremont

Thank you all for your involvement with this project! We wouldn’t be this far along without such strong community support and involvement.

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