A group of parents from BF Day is leading a Community Workshop to review design concepts for improvements to the exterior of the school.

When: February 2nd from 6-8pm

Where: Library at BF Day

More info: Parents at B.F. Day Elementary School are working to improve the
exterior grounds of the school, which has dated facilities,
challenging access, and landscaping issues. The existing playground
has not been improved for over 30 years and is mostly impervious
asphalt.   A  B.F. Day Playground Design Steering Committee (PDSC) was
formed, which is a sub committee of the Parent Teacher Student Association.

What:  The PDSC obtained a City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund
grant to hire a licensed design consultant to prepare a conceptual
design to establish a framework for future renovation of the exterior
grounds and play areas of the school. The renovations will focus on
opportunities for safe play appropriate for children aged 5-12
(playgrounds, physical fitness, interactive elements), landscaping,
artistic, and educational elements.  The design will captures the
collective vision of students, faculty, PTSA, and community members.
The design will include a phased approach which will facilitate
construction funding.

When:  The PDSC was formed in late 2010 and subsequently submitted a
grant requesting funds to develop a conceptual site plan for the
exterior grounds of the school; the $20,000 grant was received in
2011.  A contract with a design consultant team was signed in late
2011.  The first public meeting soliciting comments was held in
November, 2011.  The next public meeting will be on February 2 at 6:00
at B.F. Day school where a preliminary conceptual plan will be
revealed and public comments obtained.   The final plan should be
presented to the community no later than mid-April 2012.

What We Need Help With:  Ideas from the community provided at the
February 2 public meeting or through e-mail to
bfdayplayground@gmail.com.  In the near future, we will need help
developing and implementing a fundraising plan.  We currently have no
construction funding.

Who Else is Involved:  Fremonts Business Association, Boys and Girls
Club, Fremont Abbey, B.F. Day School administration.