Fremont Arts Council announces:

Summer Solstice parade is coming! Rummage Sale! Clean out your closets and bring your best junk so we can make Art and smiles! Or Volunteer to produce this event. It takes many hands as does the parade so please come get involved!

May 3 & 4, 2014 Saturday: 9-4pm Sunday: 9-4pm


Spring is in the air and your cleaning donations will be happily received for the Summer Solstice parade Fundraiser. As a volunteer driven organization we count on each of you to help make the parade and all our events possible!

Please consider donating items for our fundraiser or volunteer your time to help set up or break down the event. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and get involved with the parade at large. Our 501C-3 status allows all donations to be tax deductible.

We will also accept consignment items for a 50/50 split that have a re-sell value over $60. (details below) We are looking for clean, functional items that will help with our cause.

Drop off Times at the Powerhouse:

  • Mon: April 21 6-9pm
  • Thurs: April 24 5:30-6:30pm
  • Sat: April 26 12-1pm
  • Mon: April 28 6-9pm
  • Tues: April 29 6-10pm
  • Wed: April 30 6-10pm
  • Fri: May 2 7-10pm

Please call the Powerhouse for special arrangements: 206 547 7440


  • Household items
  • Furniture
  • Clothing & Shoes
  • Art Supplies
  • Jewelry
  • Working Electronics
  • Books
  • Kitchen Items
  • Gardening supplies
  • Tools & Toys
  • Etc…


  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Broken electronics
  • Household Paint & Stain
  • Baby Gear: carriages, seats & playpens
  • Moldy dirty clothing or fabric


PASSING OUT FLYERS: We need people to pass out flyers as they attend various events in and around Seattle. Flyers can be picked up at the Powerhouse Monday April 21st at 6pm or at any other donation drop off times.

SET UP: We need at least 3 or more people for each night of set up. Set up Parties include music, food and fun! We will organize, arrange and price items. We will make signs and sort through boxes of treasures!

Dates & Time:

  • Mon: April 28th 6-10pm
  • Tues: April 29th 6-10pm
  • Fri: May 2nd 6-10pm ( A Lead for this night from 6-9pm is requested)

SIGN MAKERS & MOUNTERS: We need multiple signs for this event. We have stencils, paint & Matt boards for ease. We need people to hang signs the night before we open and on the day off the event. Date & Times: Flexible you can work around your schedule and come to the Powerhouse to get started anytime next week.

HANGING SIGNS: Fri: May 2nd 6pm or later

DAY of the EVENT SHIFTS: We need people to help with hosting the day of the event. This includes working with people, keeping things organized, pricing an item that may have lost it’s tag, or general tasks that arise with hosting a rummage sale.

May 3: Sat: 8-12pm (3 people) 12-4pm (3 people)

May 4: Sun: 9-12pm (3 people) 12-4pm (3 people)

CLEAN UP: We need at least 8 people or more to pack items back into boxes and prep the Powerhouse to be a studio once again. Sun: May 4th starting at 3pm Mon: All day flexible hours & 6-9pm

HAULING: You must have a truck to help with this task. Sun: 4pm or later Mon: flexible


Thank you for your participation it makes all the difference! Contact email: