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Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2005

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Vafa Ghazi, George Heideman, April Thanos, Julia DeBroux, Alan Younker, Jenny Eichwald, Dic Selin, Toby Thaler, Sheridan Hammond and Chip Nevins


GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  New Troll Way signs have been paid for and installed. Starbucks gave $15,000 for plinths in Canal Park for art installations


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Verbal and written reports were provided that show the following:


CD                          $29,624.26

MM                        $53,125.71

Checking               $2,050.50

Saving                    $236.94

Subtotal                 $85,037.41



CHHIP                  $10,000

Traffic calm         $21,000

P Patch                  $500

Subtotal                 $31,500.00

Balance                 $53,537.41


We voted and passed to spend $120 for the mailbox for another year.




LAND USE:  The neighbors near the electric substation around 37th & Albion are trying to get historic landmark designation to keep it from being badly developed. There is a hearing Oct 5th that Toby will attend. He will send email with complete info.

PARKS: P-Patch at 42nd & Baker – they got a small and simple grant of $15,000 from the city and have a landscape architect to plan the patch. The first meeting on development is Oct 6th at Fremont Baptist.

The city did not get the money to buy the Ernst Park addition. Kirby, who owns the Canal building, may be interested in it.  The houses have been torn down at Peak Park and they are awaiting more money to start development.


NEWSLETTER: We decided to wait to have a newsletter until Dec or Jan and make it an all Fremont mailing with info about dues for the next year to hopefully improve membership..


PUBLIC SAFETY: The North Precinct has gotten 5 new officers (and is loosing 4). They are going to use “bait” cars in an attempt to catch auto thieves. North Precinct has the most car thefts.  The public can buy steering wheel locks (the club) through the city for $20.




RPZ- The Westside is still gathering signatures and Vafa needs to see how close each block is to 60%. The Eastside is very slowing getting signatures.


Bicycle routes- Chip will check on the bike lane being painted up Fremont.




Community Recreation Center – Mike Ruby – The school board is planning in 2006 what they will do with Lincoln after all the schools are finished using it as a temporary home. There is a possibility to establish a Wallingford/Fremont Community Center.  Mike wanted to make sure there is someone from Fremont involved in the discussions. He is not firm about having the Center there, but doesn’t want to miss the opportunity if it arises. Usually the city spends about $9 million on a community center and we would want to be part of any bonds or parks levies that are coming up.  Chip volunteered to be the Fremont person for these meetings. It also came up that QFC may be abandoning their plans to build on the old Safeway site.


Public Art – Jessica Randall – FAC want a letter of support for a large art project at 36th & Evanston (which was presented last meeting). This was passed and Toby agreed to write the letter.  Chip will work with her on planning art in Ernst Part and Canal Park.


Fremont Abbey – Silvia Ceravolo – The neighbors around Fremont Abbey want a letter from FNC to prevent Fremont Abbey from getting a liquor license. The neighbors and FAWN are also sending letters. It was passed that we would send a letter to the Church of the Apostle (cc to Ed McKenna) with a list of specific questions/concerns of the neighbors including parking, noise, size of venue and what type of liquor license they want. Vafa and Sylvia will write the letter and circulate it to the board.


Canal Park Planting – Jean Muir – The Park received $15,000 from Starbucks for plinths and the city and Corp of Engineers are rebuilding along the slope to the canal. Starbuck gave 8000 plants and had a big planting party already. On Oct 15th there will be another planting party and they need 150 people to get the rest of the plants in the ground. Over the next 18 months they need various groups to volunteer to tend the new plants and weed. They would like the FNC to take a couple of dates (every 6 months). She will email more info.

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