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Minutes – September 24, 2007

FNC Board Meeting – 9/24/2007

Proposed Agenda:

7:00        Welcome



Select Minute-taker & pass Attendance sheet

7:02        Diane Horswill, Crime Prevention Coordinator, will present the Seattle Police Department North Precinct plan to provide monthly residential burglary statistics to Fremont Neighborhood Council and the Fremont neighborhood.

7:15        Gary Johnson, Center City Strategy Coordinator, Department of Planning and Development, will speak about the City’s plan to ban dumpsters from City property (alleys and sidewalks) in certain neighborhood business districts.  Pioneer Square, Broadway, Columbia City and other neighborhoods have been participating in a voluntary bag collection system of waste removal in order to remove the negatives associated with the permanent placement of dumpsters in alleys

He is interested in getting FNC feedback on a proposal to ban dumpsters in certain parts of the Fremont CBD.

7:30        Bill Bradburd, Jackson Place Community Council, will speak about the Dearborn Street Coalition for Livable Neighborhoods (DSCLN). It has over 30 member organizations and is using city processes and political pressure to shape a proposed shopping mall for the Little Saigon neighborhood.  Neighborhood-friendly development, community benefits and development consistent with neighborhood plans and the Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan are some of their broader goals, and has drawn attention from neighborhood groups and developers across the city.

7:45        Mike O’Brien, Fremont resident and Chair, Cascade Chapter of Sierra Club, will speak about RTID package and explain why the Sierra Club is opposing the ballot measure this fall.

7:55        Jenny Heishman, the artist for the Ernst Park “Water Mover” sculpture, will present her design. Followed by discussion on the motion to decide if and what amount the FNC would contribute to the funding of this project.

8:15        Committee Reports

Treasurer:                              April Thanos

Affordable Housing:           April Thanos

LUDC:                                   Dic Selin

Land use:                              Toby Thaler

Parks/Open Space:

Communications:                               Alan Younker

Public Safety:                       Sheridan Hammond

Zoo:                                       Jenny Eichwald

Membership:                        Vafa Ghazi

Liquor Issues:                       Vafa Ghazi

RPZ:                                       Vafa Ghazi


8:30        Old Business

–          Discussion on sub-committee recommended guidelines on how to better use and spend the funds available to FNC

–          Review & Approve past Minutes

8:35        New Business

–          Traffic issues

1.       Letter to SDOT requesting all day restrictions on two parking spaces (or more, if necessary) on north side of 35th St. just east of the intersection with Fremont Ave., to ease the backup caused by buses waiting to turn left onto Fremont Ave.

2.       Letter to SDOT requesting that “Do Not Enter signs” be placed to reinforce the no right turn onto the Winslow Place alley (from the exit ramp of Aurora) without the need for a second round of petitioning.

–          North Recycling and Disposal Station Rebuild Project

–          Formation of a Web Design and Maintenance committee for FNC website

–          Voting by email between meetings on issues that require immediate attention

–          Increasing the length of our meetings to 2.5 hours (6:30-9:00) and including August in our monthly meetings

9:00        Adjourn

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