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Minutes – September 23, 2002

Sept 23, 2002
BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Jenny Eichwald, April Thanos, Benjamin Grossman, George Heideman, Norma Jones, Pete Hanning, Julia DeBroux, Dic Selin, Alan Younker, Toby Thaler

Minutes approved for 7/22/02 with a minor change to the title


  • Wednesday night 9/25/02 there will be a meeting for designing the Fremont Park
  • George Heideman attended the meeting on the library renovation – it was mainly on the interior space, but they did say they ‘d like to integrate their outside space with the Fremont Park to gain wheelchair access.
  • Nov 8 is the Fremont Public Assoc Auction of art lights
  • PCC is moving into the Block 40 Project

TREASURER’S REPORT:  We got 8 new members from the latest edition of the newsletter

 LAND USE – none
GUERILLA GARDENING – Nov 2 is the date for the Fall Cleanup with a rain date a week later. Julia will send a postcard if the newsletter isn’t at the right time. Next June the Aurora Bridge will be retrofitted – taking over the Troll Park, therefore they will re-landscape when they finish.
OPEN-SPACE – The Fremont Peak Park has been purchased by the city and now is going into the planning process.
COMMUNICATONS – We could do another Fall issue of the newsletter – it would be good to announce the Dec meeting which will be Dec 16th.
BICYCLE ROUTES – The city hasn’t painted the bike lane on Fremont Ave yet.  When the city does the Fremont Bridge approached they will look into keeping open for pedestrians, bikes and fire trucks.
TRANSPORTATION – none- we need someone to head this committee
AFFORDABLE HOUSING – We signed the agreement with CHHIP and will have a meeting soon.  We sent a letter to the city asking for the Albion property.

QFC – The Wallingford group had a meeting with SEPA with 60+ locals neighbors in attendance. There was someone from the Seattle Dept of Trans and the DCLU planner. They voiced their complaints about the traffic problems and access to the site as well as the impact on single-family houses near QFC.  They were told this project will go to appeals.  Greg Hill of WCC was at the meeting and thought the project shouldn’t be built due to the access problems. They need money to pay for a traffic study.

 Motion passed: FNC will make a donation of $1500 from the Quadrant restricted funds for the purpose of improving the traffic flow on Bridge Way – with the understanding that should funds become available in the future, a similar donation  will be made back to the Fremont Neighborhood Fund.


 LUDC – The head of Seattle Dept of Transportation attended and wants to put more emphasis on accountability, access and customer service. LUDC prioritized the neighborhood street fund and proposed:

1. Wallingford got $15,000 for the 5th NE/43rd pedestrian crossing and traffic calming
2. Eastlake got $5000 for the Boyleston/I-5 to asses the need for a pedestrian crossing.
3. $50-100,00 is targeted for a light at 35th and Evanston in Fremont and traffic calming on 36th


  • Dic will be gone for the next 2 meeting and George will preside.
  • There are 2 open board positions – replacing Curtis Boozer and Joan Reid
  • It was voted that the existing heads of the standing committees will officially be the “Chairs” of their committees
  • Someone would like to speak to us at a later meeting about the change to Districts rather than ‘at large’ city council members.
  • Neighbors from Dayton/Francis/Phinney have reported disturbances, parking problems and drunkeness from more people frequenting The Ballroom. They have talked to the owners and police.

Meeting adjourned at 9 pm.

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