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Minutes – October 28, 2002


Oct   28, 2002

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: April Thanos, Benjamin Grossman, Norma Jones, Pete Hanning, Julia DeBroux, Alan Younker, Toby Thaler, Chip Nevins

Minutes approved for 9/23/02 with a change of the date.


  • Rose Marie Bolinger has created a website – All are welcome to put announcements or information on the website by registering and doing it yourself or sending her an email at
  • Fremont Works is having a meeting at 6pm on 11/6/02 at the neighborhood Service Center.


 LAND USE – see QFC info below
GUERILLA GARDENING – Fall cleanup will be this Saturday, November 6th, with a rain day the following Saturday.
OPEN-SPACE – Nov 6 at 7pm there will be a meeting at the Neighborhood Service Center about the Fremont Park
COMMUNICATONS – We could do an Autumn issue of the newsletter depending on articles. It was suggested to put it on the website.
TRANSPORTATION – none- we need someone to head this committee
AFFORDABLE HOUSING – There is a meeting on Nov 7th to discuss what needs to be done next to get this project going.

QFC – Toby asked the press to leave the meeting for executive session to discuss litigation. QFC has asked the Neighborhood group to sit down with them to negotiate the best plan for the site. Both sides prefer vehicle access at the intersection of Stone Way and Bridge Way with an improved signal. QFC will redraw their plans and they will meet again in a week to discuss it again. This was not to be announced publicly.

The QFC issue will be discussed at the Fremont Works meeting.  Wallingford has promised a letter of support, which has yet to be received and they have not offered any money to the Neighborhood group.  On Nov 18 there will be another Design Review meeting. It was moved, seconded and passed that we send a letter to Vince Lyons (Head of Design Review) asking to have a couple of NW Design Review members attend the Nov 18 meeting and participate in the process as it is on the border of their area.

Friends of Burke Gilman Trail – Kevin Carrabine advised the trail now ends at 11th NW and picks up again at the Locks and goes to Golden Gardens. The rail line is available to the city and there is some money to complete the section between 11th and the Locks. Some merchants and businesses along the rail line have issues about using it. There will be an open house Nov 19 from 6:30 to 8:30 at Ballard High to present the various routes and an opportunity to make comments. The plans will then go to the mayor for a decision.  Steve Louie will make the plans available at the Service Center for viewing.

FNC Hotline Phone – It was moved and seconded and approved that we cancel the phone as no one has been willing to take over recoding the messages and it does cost $17/mo.  Benjamin will cancel it.

Vacant Board Positions – We have three (3) vacant positions.  Vafa Ghazi is interested inbeing a board member. Appointments must wait for Dic Selin to return and appoint them.  Benjamin advised he would like someone to take over membership.  He also suggested board members should be willing to take a more active role.  We might also want to consider an amendment allowing the President or the VP to appoint board members.

LUDC – There are continuing complaints about “The Ballroom”.  Some neighbors have met with the owners and they have been a bit responsive, but don’t feel there is much they can control. It was suggested to have a cop park on the street to help prevent problems.  The Ballroom does have good security.  Steve Louie advised the city can’t do much – perhaps affect their liquor license.  A combined FNC / Chamber of Commerce meeting was suggested to deal with the litter problems.


  • Leary Way Improvement (from 36th  to 8th) – George Frost of Seattle Dept of Trans is the one to contact about issues.  There are Fred Meyer funds to do some improvements – perhaps sidewalks. Chip and Ben are involved.
  • Fremont Bridge approaches – There was a meeting, which Steve Louie advised was mainly an open house to gather more comments.
  • Sound Mind & Body – there is a protest on Wed from 4-6pm on 34th near Evanston to protest the lawsuit and their position on Fremont events. It was moved, seconded and passed that FNC either author or co-author (with the Chamber of Commerce) an Amicus Brief to support the Fremont Sunday Market in their lawsuit. Toby will advise if the Chamber is interested and circulate a draft to the board members before filing

Meeting adjourned at 9 pm.

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