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Minutes – October 27, 2003



October 27, 2003


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Alan, John, Toby, Ben, April, George, Dick, Pete, Julia

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Quadrant- $8,600 in money market, ~$1,500 to go into checking

SOIL $15,300

Block 40 $30,900

Quadrant $29,000 in CD,~$400 checking

$39,000 committed to CHIIP

~30 deposits for new members to be added


PARKS:  Slippery slope park (AKA Ernest Park) Plans submitted to DCLU, 4 month timeline so construction moved back to spring.

COMMUNITY CENTER:  Dan Carras, architecture student researching for community center project.  Site analysis of BF Day steamplant site.

BICYLCE ROUTES:   Fremont Bridge approaches project started design, coordinate with Bridgeway redesign.  Mid 2005 after WASD bridge.

Phase 1:  9 month.  No car lane closures but bike will be closed, sidewalks narrowed.

Phase 2:  close ½ of bridge, 5-10 weekend closures.

Community open house next year, interested in community input on lighting.

Opportunity for realignment of bike lanes on Evanston and 34th.  Toby will write letter to advocate for bike lane.   Fremont Bridge approaches project started design, coordinate with Bridgeway redesign.  Mid 2005 after WASDbridge. 

 AFFORDABLE HOUSING:  Sue Kerry, architecture student

Revised purchase and sale agreement committee scheduled in Dec.

Would like to make funding application in April.


Meeting adjourned

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