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Minutes – November 25, 2002



Nov 25, 2002


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  April Thanos, Alan Younker, Toby Thaler, Chip Nevins, John Ryan, George Heideman (no quorum)

Minutes presented for 10/28/02 with a few minor changes, but not approved as there was no quorum. 


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Report was circulated with a copy of the Status of Restricted Funds and Committed Funds for everyone. 


LAND USE – There is a meeting at BF Day on Dec 5th from 7-8:30 about the Bridge Way proposal (map was circulated).

QFC went through another design review meeting 11/18 and there are clearly some problems with traffic. The negotiations, which were discussed last meeting, did not resolve the traffic/site problems.  The two potential solutions from the neighbors would either reduce the size of the project so parking could fit underneath or make two layers of parking underneath instead of have parking above the store. This project is now on a course to an appeal.

South Wallingford has a new potential plan to move their border to Stone Way below 40th (taking a few blocks that are part of Fremont – including the QFC site) and a suggestion to make Stone Way the preferred bike path. We only have until Thursday to comment, so Toby will write a letter as the Land Use Chair as there was not a quorum present.

GUERILLA GARDENING – There was only a small turnout this time. There are still many bulbs available for planting.

COMMUNITY CENTER – Wallingford has suggested using a city building on 35th and Interlaken (currently a child care) as a Community Center and a grad student has suggested the building Doc Freeman owns as an option (this is officially in Fremont).

OPEN-SPACE – There were about 6 people at the meeting on 11/6 with the planners for the Fremont Park.  Chip was pleased with the overall plan so far. The next public meeting will be in Jan/03. It is possible there may not be enough money to complete the park with current funds, so we may have to do a matching grant or Small & Simple grant.  Kathy Tuttle (Parks Dept) will be meeting with police on Dec 5th from 11-12 at the Fremont Park site to discuss crime prevention.

Fremont Peak Park is looking for a designer now.

There is a renewed effort to make a Friends of Ross Park group again.

COMMUNICATONS – It was decided to send a postcard to announce the Dec 16 meeting instead of a newsletter.

BICYCLE ROUTES – John is on the Mayor’s Bike Advisory Board, which has made several suggestions for the new Fremont Bridge approaches.  Friends of the Burke Gilman Trail had a meeting in Ballard to discuss the various proposals for completing the Trail in Ballard. Most bikers and many businesses prefer the rail line route closest to the water and John will write a letter of support for it as chair.

The project to get a bike path on Woodland could be taken up again and he will attend the Bridge Way meeting on Dec 5th to cover this issue.

TRANSPORTATION – none- we need someone to head this committee



Affordable Housing – Sue Cary from CHIIP attended and advised the city is doing the appraisal now on 3622 Albion.  They hope to get it under contract in Jan and then do a due diligence to apply for the Spring round of funding. They probably could do 15-18 units. A budget was presented for the funds required before the project gets funding, but could not be voted on as there was not a quorum present. It will be presented at the December meeting.


Public Safety – Heather McAuliffe from FAWN (Fremont Aurora Wallingford Neighborhood) was there to give a rundown on who they are and what they are doing. They have weekly (usually Tues at 8:30) walks on Aurora and 2-4 times a year they have a cleanup of the area. They feel they have been able to make a difference in the safety of the area. She will ask those on their mailing list if someone would be interested in chairing our Public Safety Committee.

Fremont Market – The Fremont Chamber of Commerce approved having a joint Amicus Brief with the FNC to support the Market if it is required. The complaint has been removed to a federal court, which will make it tougher for Sound Mind & Body to pursue the lawsuit.


            LUDC – no meeting

Fremont Works – not many showed up – there will be another meeting Dec 11 (to be confirmed). There will be a meeting with Fred Meyer on Dec 9th about mitigation.


Fremont Neighborhood Fund – Toby brought up the money that was leftover from the old co-op. They are close to filing a 501C3 and may have about $100,000 in assets.  They may want us to buy Board positions in order to have a say in how the money is used. He will put it on the Annual Meeting agenda in the Spring.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

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