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Minutes – November 24, 2003



November 24, 2003


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Benjamin Grossman, Chip Nevins, April Thanos, Toby Thaler, Cor Bader, John Ryan, Pete Hanning, Jenny Eichwald, Norma Jones, Alan Younker, Dic Seline

OTHERS PRESENT:  Steve Louie, Elfriede Noble, Kim Howard, James Bush (Seattle Sun)

GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  A Seattle Neighborhoods Newsletter was distributed.  S. Louie: the 2004 Neighborhood Matching Fund program has announced a meeting schedule.  P. Hanning: Essential Baking Company attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting last week and said that they envisioned the old Trollyman space as a community space.  They will have a café, chocolate outlet, and factory in the rest of the space.  T. Thaler: a Gasworks improvement meeting will take place on December 10th at Hamilton Middle School from 7:00 -9:00 pm.  The Parks Department is handling the graffiti at Gasworks.  We can talk to the Arts Council regarding the Bridge Way mural.  John Ryan volunteered to be a liaison at their meeting on the first Tuesday of the month, and report back to the FNC.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  A. Thanos: CD $28,993.68, MM $30,894.28, MM $15,353.82, MM $8,667.71, MM $534.32, Savings $215.33.  $40,000.00 has been allocated.


HOUSING:  A. Thanos:  City Light will clean the affordable housing site.  We hope to have a sales agreement in a week.  They may be able to put in for spring funding if the clean-up is not too extensive; if not it will be fall funding.  The Doc Freeman property, which is to the south of the property being developed for affordable housing, will be developed as condos. 

LAND USE:  T. Thaler:  The QFC permit is about to issue and the neighborhood will probably appeal.  They may ask the FNC for a contribution to the appeal.  T. Thaler:  There is no information on the letter about short platting.

COMMUNICATIONS:  A mailing is needed in February.

BIKES & PARKS:  The ‘Slippery Slope’ park next to the Library is going to be called Ernst Park.  The neighborhood was not consulted on the name.  There was a motion to authorize a letter from B. Grossman, as President of FNC, to express our displeasure that there was no neighborhood involvement in naming the park.  Unanimous approval.

PUBLIC SAFETY:  P. Hanning: The Fremont area is not big on the agenda of the North Precinct.  The new noise ordinance passed.  There have been some stings regarding prostitution and other safety issues in the area.

LUDC:  P. Hanning: No meeting last month.

FREMONT WORKS:  T. Thaler:  Not active last month.  They plan to schedule a meeting before December 12th.  Traffic funding and calming are the largest issues on the agenda.  Fremont Works needs to provide priorities to S. Louie due to an increased work load.  There is a need to know which projects are complete, started, and not started.  

MEMBERSHIP:  We need a letter to remind members that membership renewal is due in January.  T. Thaler will help with the letter. 

NEW BUSINESS:  The Baby Diaper Service building is going to be a music venue and has applied for a Class H liquor license, which allows service of alcohol as well as beer and wine.  There may be another beer hall with beer and wine available at Essential Baking.  There was a suggestion to ask the Liquor Board to address the FNC about the number of licenses being applied for and issued in the area.  Ed McKenna, at the City Attorney’s office for the North End, may be a good person to approach. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:10

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