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Minutes – May 21, 2007

FNC Board Meeting – 5/21/2007

Proposed Agenda:

7:00        Welcome



Select Minute-taker & pass Attendance sheet

7:10        Tim Burgess, candidate for Seattle City Council, will talk about why he is running, explain how he can best represent the interest of the community and take questions.

7:30        Scott Dvorak, Urban Planner, Department of Planning and Development, will discuss the Neighborhood Main Street Mapping Project. The project is considering where pedestrian overlay zones may be appropriate in neighborhood commercial business districts across the city. A pedestrian overlay designation is intended to protect an existing pedestrian-oriented shopping district, or encourage the development of such a district.

7:50        Matt Gasparich, Fremont resident, is trying to get a neighborhood improvement project up off the ground and he is wondering if he could solicit FNC’s support, advice, suggestions, etc. The project is about how to improve and landscape the forlorn intersection of N 46th St and Aurora Ave N.

8:00        Review & Approve past Minutes

8:05        Committee Reports

Treasurer:                              April Thanos

Affordable Housing:           April Thanos

LUDC:                                   Dic Selin

Land use:                              Toby Thaler

Parks/Open Space:

Communications:                               Alan Younker

Public Safety:                       Sheridan Hammond

Zoo:                                       Jenny Eichwald

Membership:                        Vafa Ghazi

Liquor Issues:                       Vafa Ghazi

RPZ:                                       Vafa Ghazi

8:45        New Business

–          FNC email account/website/e-mail list

o        The services have been down a lot recently

o        Discussion on remedies for this problem and potentially subscribing to a paid service

–          Fremont Fair

o        Planning

o        Select a coordinator

o        Paul Dorpat wants to sell copies of his new book, “Washington Then and Now” (a statewide version of what he writes in the Sunday Seattle Times on Seattle) at our joint FNC/FHS booth at Fremont Fair.  He would only need enough room to make a single pile of books and hang a blow-up of the cover.

9:00        Adjourn

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