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Minutes – January 26, 2004



January 26, 2004 

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Benjamin Grossman, Jenny Eichwald, Pete Hanning, Julia DeBroux, John Ryan, T. Alan Younker, Norma Jones, April Thanos, George Heideman, Vafa Ghazi, Toby Thaler, Chip Nevins

GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  There were introductions around the meeting room.  Pete Hanning announced that Ray Younge of Vic Frank Boatyards died this week.  

TREASURER’S REPORT:  April Thanos reported that we have a total of almost $85, 000 in funds.  Currently $49,500 is committed to Affordable Housing, and $21,000 is committed in matching funds for traffic calming on N. 36th.  Exact figures are:

$672.32   Checking

$215.33   Savings

$    7.00   Cash

$28,993.68              CD1

$15,386.74              MM

$30,972.22              MM

$  8,689.81              MM

MINUTES:  The minutes of October and December 2003 were approved as corrected. 


MEMBERSHIP:  The Fremont Neighborhood Council is a membership organization representing the residents of Fremont.  Dues for FNC are due in January, and we need to send a letter about renewing membership to about 160 people. 

LAND USE:  We are monitoring land use projects in Fremont.  The QFC-Stoneway appeal has been filed.  The issues are traffic, parking, and impact on the neighborhood.  The appeal organization may request additional money from FNC.  At 45th and Stoneway the SW corner is in design for low-cost housing.  On the NW corner the development plans are unknown.  

LAKE UNION DISTRICT COUNCIL:  Pete Hanning reported that they are only going to meet five times per year in the future.  At the last meeting they talked about Sound Transit and light rail alternatives.  The South Lake Union corridor was discussed, including the proposed trolley. 

COMMUNICATIONS:  We would like to distribute a newsletter in February. 

AFFORDABLE HOUSING:  Sue Kerry explained the co-operation with the FNC on the Albion Place N. property at the City Light sub-station.  There are environmental concerns regarding the liability at the site.  The sale of the property must be approved by the City Council.  It is possible that FNC funds may be used beginning in February.  


OPEN SPACE:  Ernst Park, next to the library, will begin construction this spring. 

OLD BUSINESS:  Liquor licensing in Fremont was discussed.  The FNC sent a letter last month expressing Council opposition to the license at 412 N. 36th.  Jed Smithson, the business owner at 412 N. 36th, introduced himself.  He said they are a restaurant/bar; not a dance club.  He doesn’t want to create another Pioneer Square.  They want music, art, and to add to the neighborhood.  The restaurant/bar percentages would be 50%/50%, and the capacity would be 150.  There is no dance floor planned.  The business is called Nectar.  Several in attendance explained neighborhood concerns.  The neighbors see a lot of vandalism.  Pete Hanning is working with the Chamber of Commerce to get off-duty police in the area on Thursday-Saturday nights.

Ed McKenna, of the City Attorney’s office, said the City has withdrawn its non-objection to the 412 N. 36th location.  They are now negotiating a ‘Good Neighbor Agreement’ with the owners at 412 N. 36th.  The City has only 20 days to object to a new liquor license application, and FNC needs to let the City know when we object to a license being issued.  The City of Seattle is saturated with liquor licenses.  A Good Neighbor Agreement is binding and can be used to oppose license renewals.  Lisa Herbold, who works with Nick Licata, suggested the FNC work with the renewal process to get Good Neighbor Agreements, which can then be used to oppose future renewals.

John Ryan noted that the problem is cumulative, and Fremont needs more mitigation.  There was a suggestion that the bar owners form their own group to address the issues.  The Seattle Police Vice Unit has responsibility for liquor license renewals and FNC may be able to get a list of upcoming renewals.

Motion and second to express the FNC concerns via letter to the Liquor Control Board, with a copy to the Seattle Police Vice Unit, about a liquor license at the Brush Company location and all new licenses in Fremont.  The letter should express concerns about the density of licenses in the Fremont.  Passed.  George Kulstad agreed to draft the letter and Toby Thaler agreed to finalize the letter.

Motion and second to send a letter from the FNC to all bars, restaurants, and stores that sell packaged liquor in Fremont encouraging them to hire off-duty police to patrol the area on certain days and times, and to encourage them to form an organization to address the problems occurring in Fremont.  The letter should encourage Good Neighbor Agreements with the City of Seattle and invite owners to a meeting to discuss this issue.  The letter should refer to our intention to oppose future license renewals at problem locations.  Passed.  A subcommittee of Benjamin Grossman, John Ryan, Vafa Ghazi, and Norma Jones was formed to draft the letter.

RPZ-There was no new news on the RPZ.  The Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to the City about the RPZ, but there has not been a response.

Mural on Bridge Way-The Arts Council thought FAWN had responsibility for the mural, which was news to FAWN.  John Ryan will talk to FAWN about the responsibility.  SDOT would be responsible for any decision to paint over the mural, which the FNC wants to ensure does not happen.

Leary Improvement-Chip Nevins reported the improvements are going forward this spring.  It will also involve the Ross improvement.

Zoo-There is an EIS available. 

NEW BUSINESS:  The FNC Annual Meeting will be held on April 26, 2004.  There was a request the traffic calming matching funds be placed on the agenda and discussed at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

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