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Meeting Minutes – April 23, 2007

FNC Board Meeting – 4/23/2007 – Annual Meeting – Fremont Baptist Church

Proposed Agenda:

7:00        Refreshments, informal gathering

7:15        Welcome



7:20        Featured Speaker: Nick Licata, Seattle City Council President

8:00        Committee Reports

Treasurer:                              April Thanos

Affordable Housing:           April Thanos

LUDC:                                   Dic Selin

Land use:                              Toby Thaler

Communications:                               Alan Younker

Public Safety:                       Sheridan Hammond

Zoo:                                       Jenny Eichwald

Membership:                        Vafa Ghazi

Liquor Issues:                       Vafa Ghazi

RPZ:                                       Vafa Ghazi

Parks/Open Space:


8:30        Nominations for Board Membership and Elections

8:45        New Business

9:00        Adjourn


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