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Meeting Minutes – September 22, 2003

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  (Incomplete) Benjamin Grossman, Toby Thaler, Jenny Eichwald, Pete Hanning, Vafa Ghazi. Others: William Robinson, Marla Davis, Robin Sizemore, Judie Clarridge, Daniel Abney, Marko Tubic, Julie Erickson

GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  October 1, Fremont Public Association open meeting on future of Fremont Fair.


Julie Erickson from the City Department of Transportation presented the status of the Fremont RPZ study and answered questions. The City has determined that the entire area from Albion to 1st N.W. between N. 39th and N. 35th/36th is eligible for an RPZ.

An RPZ means that parking restrictions can be put in place by means of signs (e.g., “2 [or 4] hour parking 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Except by Zone _ permit”). Only residential blocks can get signs. 60% of households in each block must ask for signs. Permits cost $31 for 2 years. Once signs are up, additional contiguous blocks can be added by petition of 60% of households for each block. “Contiguous” is not restricted by intervening commercial blocks/arterials. More basic information on the RPZ program is at

The next step is to set up a committee representing residents, commercial interests and others (e.g., Fremont Baptist Church) to “design” the initial RPZ-set hours and time limit to go on signs. East and west of Fremont can have different hours/time limits. A number of those present signed up (or were appointed) to serve on the design committee, including FNC board members Vafa Ghazi for the west side and Julia DeBroux for the east side, with Toby Thaler as secretary if necessary. The initial RPZ request by the FNC was for the area east of Fremont. The City’s study indicated that parking is bad and an RPZ is warranted west of Fremont as well.

After Julie Erickson left, the board and members of the community discussed the matter. There was general support for an RPZ among residents. The residents, particularly west of Fremont, wished that the City’s study could be extended to include later hours, at least until midnight. It was Moved (Toby), seconded and passed (MSP) for a letter to be drafted and sent to City supporting RPZ, but asking that study be continued to extend to later hours. It was also M (Vafa) SP that Vafa Ghazi and Julia DeBroux represent the FNC board on the RPZ design committee.

The “other” Fremont RPZ was mentioned; south of the Woodland Park Zoo. It got caught up in the Zoo master plan update parking garage plan. The RPZ can come back if the garage is not underway by December 2004. We need to check attendees’ mental/written notes on this important small item.


GUERILLA GARDENING: October 4, meet at the Troll.

PUBLIC SAFETY: report of some break-ins.

BICYCLE: Fremont Bridge approach project is closer. It’s going to make a mess out of lower Fremont. The perpetual non-occurring bike lanes on Fremont were mentioned along with the current hang up due to thechannelization issue at 39th.

FREMONT WORKS: The City is proceeding toward obtaining a grant to implement the Downtown Fremont circulation plan (signals at Lenin and 36th and Fremont, etc.). MSP to send a letter to make sure the configuration of 34th west of Fremont happens as part of the project. Neighbors are also concerned that traffic calming be implemented on 36th east of Fremont at the same time as the signals go in.

Meeting adjourned. 

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