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Meeting Minutes – November 22, 2004

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Benjamin Grossman, Julia DeBroux, Alan Younker, Norma Jones, Vafa Ghazi, Jenny Eichwald, Dic Selin, Chip Nevins, and Matt Stevenson. 

GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Board member introductions.  There will be a Dine Out in Fremont benefit for the Empty Space Theater on December 1st.  The FNC needs a new Woodland Park Zoo representative, and Matt Stevenson will look into the requirements.  There was a City sponsored clean-up in Fremont on November 20th with good attendance.  There will be a LUDC meeting on December 9th at the Adobe building at 7:00 pm. to address transportation issues.  The meeting will include a presentation by SDOT.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  April Thanos provided the following information for inclusion in the minutes:

$   1,686.33         Checking

$     216.17           Savings

$29,478.74          CD1

$26,594.81          MM

Total assets:        $57,976.05

MINUTES:  The October 2004 minutes were approved as submitted.



PARKS:  Chip Nevins reported on a Letter of Intent regarding the property next to Ernst Park.  The final public meeting for Ross Shelter House was held in October, and the public comments were very positive.

BICYCLE ISSUES:  Matt Stevenson reported that the Seattle Bike Collaborative has been meeting for the last three months.  Matt is the northwest representative and had a good meeting regarding our recommendations.  They are looking for feedback from the FNC Board and interested neighbors.  Matt also attended a Monorail meeting, and they are looking for input regarding bicycle concerns in conjunction with the Monorail. 

LIQUOR RELATED ISSUES:  Benjamin Grossman requested someone other than himself be the contact person identified in the proposed letter to the LCB.  Vafa Ghazi agreed to be the contact.  A Good Neighbor Agreement is between the business owner and the City.  The goal of the FNC is to have off-duty patrols and improved conditions in the neighborhood.  Representatives of the Ballroom reported that they met with Ed. McKenna and their attorneys today, and have agreed to a Good Neighbor Agreement.  They will have security cameras and no shots after 12:30 am as part of the Agreement.  They may not be able to hire off-duty police due to recent developments in the City.  The Ballroom is willing to help pay for patrols, but needs other bar owners to join and contribute.  They would like people to participate based on square footage.  The LCB talked to them about various configurations that get people out the door at staggered times.  The Ballroom is agreeing to some things that they do not think are good, like having to re-pay to re-enter.  Motion and second to send the letter to the LCB as amended to include Vafa Ghazi as the contact person. Approved.  Motion and second to change ‘off-duty police patrols’ to ‘trained security personnel’.  Approved

General liquor control strategy includes the next licenses of concern, which are Norm’s in January 2005 and Suite G in June 2005.  The FNC will consider the hours of operation and major impacts to determine which licenses warrant objection.  Norm’s is much quieter than the Ballroom.  The FNC wants to make sure that they convey their actions and positions in the newsletter, and ask for comment through the newsletter. The FNC Board agreed to focus on Triangle, Tost, Ballroom, Suite G, Norm’s, the George & Dragon, Nectar, the Dubliner, and the Red Door.  The FNC will encourage these businesses to hire patrols and otherwise address issues associated with liquor related problems in Fremont.  The FNC feels that size, having a full bar, and hours of operation are key factors.   Motion and second to object to renewal of the liquor licenses of Triangle, Tost, Ballroom, Suite G, Norm’s, George & Dragon, Nectar, Dubliner, and the Red Door, except that the FNC reserves the right to review this position in the future.  Approved.  The FNC will send a copy of the current LCB letter to these businesses.  A January newsletter may be prepared.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING:  Motion and second to extend the pre-development loan between the FNC and CHHIP to 12/31/05.  Approved.  An update for the neighbors to include the plan for some low income housing along with other configurations is planned.

The Bridge Motel is up for sale.  Due to the low density zoning in the area a significant development may be precluded.  CHHIP will monitor the sale and development possibilities.


RPZ- The RPZ committee had one meeting and will have a second meeting on November 29th at 7:00 pm at Fremont Community Church.  The last meeting did not advance the design significantly.  There is a large range of options, and there was a good discussion about addressing problems associated with the RPZ.  There may be fewer questions at the next meeting, allowing for more progress on the design.  The committee hopes not to cover the same ground at future meetings.  Residents in one block, the 3800 block of Fremont, do not want the RPZ.  Each block in the RPZ will need a 60% consensus, so individual blocks can opt out.  Business reaction is varied, but they have expressed more concern than residents.  The design committee is made up of residents and businesses who will work to reach a consensus on the parking restrictions.  If there is no consensus the City can intervene to bring the parties together.

Traffic Calming- The current plan for the Aurora Way intersection is not good for the Fire Department.  They now have a new plan without the mini-circles.  Some residents do not think the new plan is effective, and are looking for revisions that will work.  Some residents want the FNC to send a letter to the city saying we do not want traffic lights installed if there is not adequate traffic calming.  The proposed letter will be on the agenda for discussion at the next FNC meeting.  There was a suggestion that a more positive letter might be better received by the city, and should be considered.  There was a suggestion to invite SDOT to the meeting to hear resident’s objections in person.

A traffic report on the Leary project was provided.

The next FNC meeting is scheduled for December 20th.

Meeting adjourned.

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