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Meeting Minutes – May 22, 2006

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Sheridan Hammond, Alan Younker, Norma Jones, Dic Selin, April Thanos, Vafa Ghazi, Toby Thaler, Jenny Eichwald, George Heideman, Julia DeBroux, Eric Pihl, Chip Nevins


GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  A photo exhibit of the historic photos of Fremont is on display at the Fremont Public Library.

MINUTES:  The April 2006 minutes were approved as amended.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  April Thanos provided the following information for inclusion in the minutes:

Checking               $2015.88

Savings                  $237.57

CD                          $29,624.26

MM                        $26,725.23

Total assets:         $59,602.94




AFFORDABLE HOUSING: No Federal Tax money is available for our project this year; however the City is considering giving the project more funding.  CHHIP redoing the design of the project to reduce the cost.  The project will have 18 units (and less sparking), 50% median income level; no disabled units.  CHHIP still looking at other funding opportunities, such as Gates Foundation, to allow the project to have some lower income units.  Eric Pihl suggested that CHIIP needs to communicate more regularly with the neighbors of the project. 

LUDC: Neighborhood matching fund project ranking.  Committee recommended both the new p-patch and the Space in Fremont for funding. 

LAND USE:  Project behind cleaners: applying for a variance and conditional use permit for a 4 story residential building; Stone & 46th: Housing Resource Group doing a project; 44th & Dayton: single family house in L-zone on target list for demolition. QFC: breaking ground this summer.  The Fremont Neighborhood plan calls for developing development standards for multi-family zoned properties.  Eric Pihl volunteered to start that process. 

PUBLIC SAFTEY:  May 4: talk on prostitution at BF Day School.  May 11: GAIN & FAWN walk; May 12: Bust at Thunderbird motel. 

ZOO: Fundraiser in June for African Exhibit.  Vafa to check with neighbors about the status of the garage discussions. 

MEMBERSHIP: 107 members. 

LIQUOR: Draft nightclub operating agreement out.  Final report due in June 2006.




Guy Peckham:  Wanted FNC endorsement to joining the Seattle Design Review Board.  Guy is an Architect of 30 years who is interested in shaping community.  He would represent the interests of Fremont, Ballard, Green lakeand Wallingford on the DRB.  Motion and second for the FNC to send a letter of endorsement to DRB; Approved. 

Helen Divjak:  Helen brought a copy of the new history of Fremont book; official release date is June 12, 2006.  The board decided to order 400 copies of the book to sell (at the Fremont fair and the History House).  

Bill Uznay:  Bill talked about the 2 giant sequoias planted in from of the Oasis restaurant on N. 36th Street.  The restaurant is required to keep the trees until 2007, but after that time it wants to take then down.  Bill was looking for FNC support for retaining the trees.  No official action taken at this time.  Meanwhile Bill will work with the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods office to learn more about City tree requirements. 



Canopy: Vote to share the purchase of the Canopy with the Fremont Historical Society.  Approved. 

Fremont Abbey: They attempted to renew their existing “non-profit arts organization” liquor license instead of applying for it under the new name/new location.  When they applied for it as new license a year ago, it was when they were called the “Living Room”, located at 4301 Fremont N.  They tried to renew it under “Fremont Abbey”; still at 4301 Fremont N. (they are no longer at that address). This is a violation.  As a result, SPD has sent a letter of objection to the WA State Liquor Board. No action is needed for consideration by the FNC at this time, since there is no new application. 

Ernst Park:  Eric Pihl and Chip Nevins will represent FNC on the selection panel for the new Ernst Park Railing project. 

Political Candidates: The question was raised about how FNC should handle political candidates who request time on our agenda.  The Board decided that any politician who asked to be on our agenda to speak and field questions would be allowed.


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