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Meeting Minutes – March 27, 2006

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Sheridan Hammond, Chip Nevins, Dic Selin, April Thanos, Alan Younker (Dic Selin chaired the meeting.)


GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  JoAnn Jordan, Public Education Coordinator, Seattle Police Department, Office of Emergency Management was introduced to the Board.  In the hour prior to the meeting, she had partnered with FNC and presented a Basic Disaster Preparedness Class to Fremont residents at History House.  She gave an overview of what Emergency Management is doing in Seattle to educate the community to prepare for disasters.  Books are available by calling their office.  They will continue to educate the neighborhoods individually or together in a central place if required.




CD                          $29,624.26

MM                        $27,561.76

Checking               $1,537.04

Savings                  $297.03

Total                      $59,020.39

Commitments      $10,000 (CHHIP)

As Treasurer, April agreed to send an already approved $75 to the Fremont Historical Society to reimburse them for the FNC portion (half) they paid for the Fremont Fair booth.



PARKS/OPEN SPACE – Chip Nevins; (1) On April 22 at 4320 4th Ave NW, 1:00 PM, there is a dedication and celebration of the grand opening of the completely renovated Ross Shelterhouse.  Pro Parks Levy funded the project.  The Mayor will be in attendance.  (2) The Fremont community will be polled in 2 – 3 months as to their desires regarding Ernst Park and allocation of the Park’s budget.  An art railing has been suggested.  Jessica Randall was asked to invite the Fremont Arts Council to participate with FNC.  Add to next month’s agenda. 

NEWSLETTER – Alan Younker; the community mailings that went out a few months ago elicited a good response.  There will be a mailing to members just prior to the Annual Meeting next month. 

AFFORDABLE HOUSING – April Thanos; CHHIP is looking to see if they can move up on the waiting list.

LAKE UNION DISTRICT COUNCIL (LUDC) Fremont Bridge:  Starting in May passenger vehicles and pickups only will be allowed to cross (single lanes either direction), all others including buses to use alternate routes.  An Open House will be held to talk about traffic management & buses, April 26, 5:00-8:00 PM, Adobe Conference Center; also a Kick-off Celebration Event to take place May 14th.  Council Members Sally Clark and David Della presented at the LUDC meeting.

PUBLIC SAFETY – Sheridan Hammond; Chief Kerlikowske says he will assign a substantial number of the 21 new recruits to North Precinct.  Theft is up in downtown Fremont; Seattle Police Dept has apprehended some perpetrators and is working on the rest.  Their transient nature is one of the problems.  There have been recent problems in the area of Marketime (Fremont Ave N. from N. 44th to N. 46th): a panhandler allegedly dealing drugs, other persons taking drugs and dealing, people drunk on the street, concerns of nearby over serving, needles in the treed area at BF Day Elementary.  After a small group met with a North Precinct Sergeant many of the problems are solved.  Prostitution and drug problems, Aurora to Fremont Ave N, have increased; the Brickhouse Apts (Old Aloha Motel) and the Thunderbird Motel both on Aurora seem to be major culprits.  More FNC members are needed to participate in neighborhood issues. 

BICYCLE/TRAFFIC – Someone is needed to chair this committee

FNC ZOO LIAISON:  Jenny Eichwald has expressed an interest.




Jessica Randall, Fremont Arts Council (FAC), Board of Directors updated FNC regarding FAC urban art and ideas for the curb bulb, NE corner of N. 36th Street and Evanston Avenue North.  The originally planned creature did not fit SDOT requirements so it is being replaced by a 28 foot high steel tree, along with Seattle artist Kim Hall’s illuminated acrylic sculptures which serve as pedestrian lighting, see booklet “Space in Fremont” for other details.  Kim Hall spoke about his art.  Work will begin possibly in August.  FAC is doing major fundraising this month and next; they also need volunteers for concrete pouring, labor to carry out the landscape plan and to accomplish the inlay in the benches and concrete.

Cheryl Trivison, Friends of Gas Works Park (GWP) asked FNC for a letter of support.  The Board said it would consider approving the letter, if she provided the draft.  She agreed.  The letter is for application of funds for the redesign of the GWP children’s playground to as close to the original drawings as possible, also updated to present standards.  Friends would then add the if-approved FNC letter to their July submittal for a small and simple grant.  Regarding the status of their Summer Nights Concert Series litigation, they have good Wallingford and also Landmarks Group support.  Mitigation is dead; they will have to start all over again next year.  Friends iscontinuing the lawsuit against the City and One Reel.  The City feels there is no reason to continue the lawsuit; Friends says there is because One Reel is planning to come back in 2007.  Wallingford group is fundraising for lawsuit.  At this point it is not appropriate for FNC to be on the lawsuit.  Friends would invite FNC to say that they want the park to be free and open.

Travis Commodore, Community Relations Coordinator to Councilmember Larry Phillips, District Four, Metropolitan King County Council attended the meeting.  New Councilmember Phillips promotes business and community relations.  Please contact when desired, they wish to be accessible.


Fremont History Book Purchase:  Helen Divjak’s illustrated history of the Fremont neighborhood was not published in time for the meeting and Helen could not attend.  Since questions regarding the book and its purchase could not be responded to, purchase issues will be revisited at another time.  

FNC Neighborhood Map(s):  Whether FNC would buy one or more was deferred to a later meeting. 

Political Candidates: Having them or their advocates present their positions at FNC meetings was also deferred.  In general, the idea was well received as long as it would be considered on an equal opportunity basis. 

Annual Meeting:  Suggestions were solicited for agenda items for the Annual Meeting, April 24th, at the Fremont Baptist Church.  Responses were:  Update on the Fremont Bridge, RPZ, Nightlife (Vafa), Better CommunityFeedback-Place for Comments about What Is Happening-Computer Blog particularly regarding nightlife, Jessica & Kim Hall Presentation of “Space in Fremont”.

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