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Meeting Minutes – July 26, 2004

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Pete Hanning, Toby Thaler, Vafa Ghazi, Matt Stevenson, Jenny Eichwald, Alan Younker, Chip Nevins, April Thanos, Benjamin Grossman, George Heideman

OTHERS PRESENT: Judie Clarridge, Judy Gay, Elfrieda Noble, Chris Borden, Gail Travers


GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Slippery Slope park [became Ernst Park] opening, Sunday, August 22, 10 a.m.; Pete Hanning is buying a house in Fremont; Matt Stevenson is buying a house in Fremont; County Gas Works property meeting [notes have no date]

TREASURER’S REPORT:  $7,600 has been paid to CHHIP since last month. Balance in accounts is $72,443.74. Obligated funds = 21,000 for N. 36th traffic calming, and $27,000 for CHHIP.


AFFORDABLE HOUSING:  April Thanos reported that Design Review Board did meet. Neighborhood concerns are parking, access; mass/height on Albion. There are no Fremont specific design guidelines. There will be a meeting with architect next week. Next housing comm. Meeting Thursday, Aug. 12, 7 p.m. The application for funding will be in Sept.

LAND USE: Toby Thaler presented a draft letter to Suzie Burke asking for information regarding development on 34th west of Phinney (which she has acquired). Approved for signing/mailing by Benjamin. He presented information on the recently-learned-about proposed Wallingford specific design guidelines, which cover East Fremont. MSP to oppose before the City Council.

BICYCLE ISSUES: Matt Stevenson. Fremont Bridge approach will disrupt bicycles. There was a meeting on July 22 to raise concerns. The approach was redesigned to accommodate bicycles. Long term City needs to be bugged to take bikes into account. It takes constant effort but appears to be happening. Chair of Seattle Bicycle Advisory Comm. is Emily Allen. The Fremont striping (lack thereof) was mentioned. Mike Peck has complained about loss of four parking spaces on 34th to the bike lane reconfiguration. Sept. 18th is the 30th Anniversary of the Burke-Gilman Trail.

NEWSLETTER: Alan Younker. Next mailing before Sept. meeting; email Articles to Alan by late August.


Traffic Calming – Chris Borden. A letter/proposal by the Chamber concerning addition of $10,000 was discussed. Board agreed all commitments should be mutual, as appropriate, and so long as Chamber supports entire circulation plan

RPZ – Benjamin Grossman. Design committee is being set up. At July 15 meeting, Benjamin said FNC expected to nominate Julia DeBroux. MSP to nominate Julia with Dic Selin and Vafa Ghazi as alternates. (one nay vote)

Liquor licensing – Pete Hanning. Sparse attendance at last business meeting. Board discussed need for FNC to start doing selected/rolling objections to renewals. The board committee will prepare a letter for the Sept. meeting. Vafa/April will call McKenna to get a list of licenses coming up for renewal. Pete will talk to Jackson, the police community officer.


Transfer Station – There’s a meeting August 10 at BF Day. SPU is doing SEPA process for rebuilding. We want the facility moved to Interbay.

Traffic concern on NW 42nd at 2nd NW – Gail Travers. Was member of old FCC, before Suzie Groves coup forced switch to FNC. Concern about impacts of traffic through neighborhood as a result of Fred Meyer. Suggestion: do RFP for study of residential traffic problem in area surrounded by arterials (possible boundaries 39th, Leary/3rd, n and w to ?; possible help with putting study together, Hefron or Bernstein).

Meeting adjourned.

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