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Meeting Minutes – July 24 2006

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Dic Selin, Sheridan Hammond, Norma Jones, April Thanos, Vafa Ghazi, Toby Thaler, Jenny Eichwald, Eric Pihl

MINUTES:  The minutes of May 22, 2006 were approved as amended

AFFORDABLE HOUSING PRESENTATION: Sue Cary, was then next on the evenings agenda to provide an update on the status of the FNC Affordable Housing Project. Prior to Sue, Toby gave a bit on a background of how we got into this project. Sue proceeded with the update and introduced the architect who walked us through the sketches that will be use in the up coming second pre-design review scheduled for the Aug 7. Upon his completion came the questions: does it have to look so ugly, where are the kids going to play, will there a side walk on Albion Pl., out of scope for the neighborhood, thank you for trying to bring this project to Fremont. The other questions about the project, namely traffic, parking, and flow were addressed and will be handled by FNC because of the very neighbor impact. A short discussion on the traffic mitigation and RPZ lead to an interest in getting involved with implementation.


CD                          $30,961.07

MM                        $24,061.05

CHECKING         $3,028.31

SAVINGS              $237.73

TOTAL                  $58,288.16


COMMITTEE REPORTS: Due the fact that the meeting was going long it was suggested that we address on the committee Reports that were important;

PUBLIC SAFETY: Public Safety; Great open house at the North Precinct, SDART will have new booklets in the fall for emergency planning.

Zoo; The design for the parking garage seem to be OK

Membership; Total 112

RPZ: Still getting signatures



After some discussion, all that were assembled agreed, the board needs to develop an income/expenditure plan for the next three to five years, All directors are to over the next 60 day, review the settlement write ups, consider sources of income, and dreams for Fremont for years in the future. It is the plan that at the Sept meeting we develop a plan for the record.

After a lively discussion it was moved and passed (6-2) to award to the Fremont Arts Council $2500 for the ‘Space in Fremont project”.

The second item was a request for fund to support the Friends of Gasworks Park legal fund, a motion was made a passed (6-2) to forward on a check for $250.

A letter will be drafted/approved to “Ride the Ducks”, Bryan Tracy Owner, requesting that one of his drivers needed to clean up their act regarding the description of the residents of Fremont.

It was suggested by Eric that we create a letter to the residents who came out to hear about the Housing project thanking them for there presence and reminding that we are hear to help with most neighborhood concerns.

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