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Meeting Minutes – January 23, 2006

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Alan Younker, Norma Jones, Dic Selin, April Thanos, Vafa Ghazi, Toby Thaler, Jenny Eichwald, George Heideman, Chip Nevins, Sheridan Hammond.

GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The Fremont Arts Council (‘FAC’) reported on sidewalk enhancements in the area under construction in Fremont, which includes several sidewalk pours.  The Courtyard Project will be updated in February.  The FAC is looking for volunteers to liaison on FAC projects.  Robin Miller, slippery slope coordinator, is planning a gardening event on 1/28/06 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  The Fremont Historical Society wants the FNC to get a booth at the Fremont Fair, because they are not yet incorporated.  The Historical Society tries to inform and educate people regarding historical issues in buildings in the area.  FNC will consider a booth with others in the neighborhood, like the P-Patch and Peak Park supporters.  Applications are due at the end of March.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  April Thanos provided the following information for inclusion in the minutes:


Checking               $585.80

Savings                  $237.26

CD                          $29,624.00

MM                        $32,440.68

Total assets:         $62,887.74

Expenditures previously approved include $500 for P-Patch and $10,000 to CHHIP.  Some membership dues were collected tonight.

MINUTES:  The June 2005 minutes were approved, and the September and December 2005 minutes were approved as amended. 


PARKS & OPEN SPACE:  Chip Nevins reported that the neighbors are meeting with the City regarding concerts at Gas Works Park.  A FNC representative is needed for a 1/26/06 meeting.  Julia DeBroux may be interested in attending, and Vafa Ghazi will attend if Julia is not available.  The group is looking for mitigation measures and enforcement for those measures at the concerts. 

LAND USE:  Toby Thaler reported the Stone Way QFC is going forward in 2006.  There is a continuing issue of real estate agents advertising Fremont properties as being located in other neighborhoods.

MEMBERSHIP:  FNC memberships are due in January.

COMMUNICATIONS:  The draft newsletter is available for review.  If the newsletter is sent to all Fremont residents the cost is $3,197 using one company, although there may be some savings if two companies are used.  Alan Younker will research mailing costs.  There was a suggestion that we do a members only mailing containing membership renewal information.  The suggestion will be discussed further in February. 

LIQUOR RELATED ISSUES:  In December the FNC approved the preparation of a letter to add Fremont to the Alcohol Impact Area.  It was reported that the AIA is controversial and that it is too early to judge the impact of the project.  Motion to postpone and table the letter until the City Council re-visits the issue later in 2006.  Approved.

Hal Columbo presented a draft letter regarding liquor related impacts in his area of Fremont written by Pat Lewis for distribution by FNC.  Changes to the Lewis letter were discussed by the Board.  Columbo also provided the FNC with a copy of a personal letter he wrote on the same subject.  Vafa Ghazi will take the letters to the 1/25/06 Task Force meeting, for presentation to the Task Force.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING:   Forms were submitted to go forward.




LUDC:  No report.  An email update was sent to Board members by April Thanos.  

Traffic:  Lorelei Mesic reported that there will be partial closures to one lane in each direction on the Fremont Bridge beginning at the end of May or early June.  Metro buses will be re-routed for about ten months and will not use the Fremont Bridge.  The Aurora Bridge will be used as an alternate.  Four routes are impacted: 26, 28, 31, and 74.

Fremont History Book:  Helen Divjak reported on the progress of the book.  She requested $3,000 from FNC, and $1,500 was given with $1,500 pledged on a contingent basis.  Divjak submitted a grant request to the Fremont Chamber of Commerce for $3,000, but does not think they will provide that amount.  A revised budget for the book was presented to the FNC.  The change in the budget was a result of a change in the reproduction plans for theFremont Baptist Church photos.  There are no negatives available, so Divjak has decided to take photos of the photos rather than scanning.  The publication due date is 3/1/06.

Helen Divjak requested the $1,500 contingent funds.  Motion for FNC to file for a tax number was approved. Ghazi will do the filling.  Motion to rescind action to get a tax number, proceed with a payment of $1,499 to Divjak, and enter into a contract with Helen Divjak for one half of the book’s royalty payments to be paid to the FNC.  The payment will not be made to FNC until after the product is delivered and the contract is signed.  Approved.  Toby Thaler will write the contract.



Vafa Ghazi is going to start meeting with Marco Tubic of the Fremont Chamber of Commerce to coordinate between the two groups.


Sheridan Hammond reported on the Disaster Preparedness Training on 2/6/06 at B.F. Day School.  Those interested in attending can rsvp to Sheridan or by using the brochure.

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