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Meeting Minutes – February 28, 2005

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Benjamin Grossman,  Alan Younker, Norma Jones, Dic Selin, April Thanos, Vafa Ghazi, Matt Stevenson, Toby Thaler, Jenny Eichwald.


GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Board members and Officers for the FNC are needed.  Benjamin Grossman and Norma Jones will not be officers next year, but both will stay on the Board.  Elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting in April.  Sven Auken will speak on sustainable energy on March 18, 2005 at 7:00 at the UW.  It was reported that car thieves are looking at the VIN# on the windshield of cars and having keys made for the car.  DON and SDOT grants are available for major maintenance projects contained in Neighborhood Plans.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  April Thanos provided the following information for inclusion in the minutes:


$   1,814.38         Checking

$     216.39           Savings

$29,624.26          CD1

$26,683.29          MM

Total assets:        $58,338.32


MINUTES:  The January 2005 minutes were approved as amended.




LAND USE:  QFC is permitted, but building at the site has not started.


East Wallingford and Fremont neighborhood groups have development plans that overlap between Aurora and Stoneway.  Wallingford has proposed design guidelines ignoring the overlap with Fremont and Greenlake.  Toby Thaler complained, made proposals, and thought there was an agreement in place.  Subsequently it was learned that there is no agreement.


Some residents feel that the transfer station in Wallingford is inappropriate land use in the current location.  A new location is needed, or there will be a need to spend a lot of money.  The new SEPA guidelines are out, and the transfer station is no longer on the agenda.  A decision on the transfer station will not take place until at least 2007.  At that time other current alternative sites may not be available.  Some people feel that they may need to escalate their protest of the use of the property as a transfer station.


The FNC took a position in support of the public use of the Tank Farm property.  King County is going to sell the property to help alleviate some budget problems, and will now start taking bids.


The Greenwood and 36th and Evanston and 36th buildings have been permitted and are going forward.


NEWSLETTER:  Several articles have been received and the newsletter will be ready for review in the next few days.  Alan Younker will send the newsletter to Board members for comment, after which he will arrange for printing.  The newsletter should be mailed next week.


ZOO:  Matt Stevenson attended the 2/17/05 meeting at the Woodland Park Zoo.  The Zoo wants community input on development plans.  They want to put in an RPZ at the same time they open the parking garage.  It was agreed that we would invite Aaron Caplan, or a communications person, to come to the March FNC meeting to discuss parking concerns and other expansion plans.  The Zoo organization meets monthly.


BICYCLE ISSUES:  Matt Stevenson reported that the NW team report was submitted on 1/17/05.  They want to use the report to make things happen that the FNC supports.  Construction near Golden Gardens is part of the Burke Gilman Trial.


PARKS & OPEN SPACE:  Toby Thaler reported that applications are available for Starbuck’s money allocated for parks.  People supporting a P Patch at 42nd and Baker would like to apply for that designation and use, and would like the support of the FNC for their application.  Motion and second to support the application for a P Patch at 42nd and Baker.  Passed.

MEMBERSHIP: The FNC has sixteen members thus far for 2005.  Nine members are Board members, and four are not on the Board.


LIQUOR RELATED ISSUES:  The proposed letter to bar owners in the area explaining the FNC position to object to license renewals absent a GNA and work toward implementing patrols in the area was discussed.  The discussion included who should receive the letters, and it was agreed that Vafa Ghazi will locate the most recent list approved by the FNC, and send letters to those businesses on the list.  Suite G is being sold, and the FNC will object to a new liquor license in that location.




RPZ-Design committee work is complete.  There are three different zones in the RPZ: one west of Fremont with one side of the street regulated; one east of Fremont and north of 36th with one side of the street regulated; and one east ofFremont and south of 36th where the residents do not want the RPZ.  The FNC recognized Vafa Ghazi for his work on the RPZ.


A-1 Motel- Alan Younker reported that the motel has a long history of crime and the neighbors have been working on changes.  There has been a lot of pressure and police intervention.  The city held training on 1/27/05 regarding the requirements for operating motels.  Ed McKenna from the City Attorney’s Office attended a meeting and gave residents information about nuisance properties.  The information is helping as people document activities at the motel.  The owners of the A-1 are considering selling the property, but there are problems due to the condition of the property.  The owners did sign a GNA based on known activities, and they have agreed to meet with some of the neighbors to discuss the problems.  The City is looking at forfeiture, rather than abatement, as the appropriate action on the property.  If the City took the property it might be eligible for low income housing.


Annual Meeting-Vafa Ghazi agreed to coordinate the FNC Annual Meeting scheduled for April 25th.  It was agreed that the FNC would ask Pete Hanning to coordinate refreshments for the meeting.  Alan Younker will update the meeting announcement postcards and send them to the 2003 and 2004 membership.  It was agreed that the theme of the meeting would be the ‘State of Fremont’.




Sustainable Seattle-Matt Stevenson explained the goals of Sustainable Seattle.  Sustainable Seattle has asked if the FNC is interested in participating in a neighborhood indicators grant.  They want people to gather data and monitor sustainable factors.  The task for the FNC would be to find people to gather the information.  In return the FNC would receive training to gather data, and access to the data gathered.  Matt will apply on behalf of the FNC.


Elections-The FNC would like to host a candidates’ forum.  A July date was suggested.


Meeting adjourned.

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