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June 27, 2005

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Vafa Ghazi, Benjamin Grossman, George Heideman, April Thanos, Alan Younker, Jenny Eichwald, Dic Selin, Toby Thaler, Sheridan Hammond and Norma Jones

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Verbal and written reports were provided that show the following:


CD                          $29624.26

MM                        $26812.59

Checking               $2252.06

Saving                    $236.69

Total                      $58925.60




LAND USE:  There was a discussion of DPD inaction regarding Albion Power Station. There were concerns about historical significance, contamination, bad data in previous permits. Motion: FNC to send a letter to support the request for a public hearing on these issues. Motion approved.

PUBLIC SAFETY: Sheridan Hammond volunteered to chair this committee

MEMBERSHIP: Current level is 60-70 members

LIQUOR ISSUES: Discussion of Vafa’s interview with Seattle Star




RPZ- It is going slowly on the west side of Fremont Ave., no activity on the east side.

Bicycle routes- Fremont Ave. will be striped for bicycle lanes.

FAC Jessica Randall from Fremont Arts Councils announced that FAC will be taking a more community-oriented focus.




ArtWerks – Karen Ward She  is the manager of the Living Room; pastor of ‘Apostles’. She sees this as a new style (Lutheran) church and community center.

Karen’s description: The Compass Center is moving back to Pioneer Square, and ArtWerks has arranged to use/buy the building from the owning church. Purpose is to open up space to community. It is going to be a creative space for artist community. Fundraising parties usually. Use to be dictated by the community, as an open source sort of thing. Walk-in type space. Seek to open it up, fix it up, and elevator. Community Commons. Gatherings of up to 250. Will continue as a polling place. Anything is okay so long is it is not illegal, not violent, and not prejudicial. Only one complaint about noise last summer; closing the door seemed to address it. Will be looking for staff in the future; program manager, custodial, security. Thinking about live-in arrangement with Wit’s End. Planning an Artist-in-Residence studio.

Community: Expression of unhappiness about owner: FNC had been promised advance discussion about next tenant after Compass Center. Expression of concern about parking for 250 seats. Karen: they have verbal agreements for parking with (American Music, etc). Only expect parking to be an issue on nights/weekends. Who is the point of contact? Karen: Buck stops with Karen as Pastor. Concern expressed about Fremont pedestrian and vehicle traffic impacts. Concern expressed about ArtWerks request for a Liquor license.

Observation: Karen has made a lot of forward-looking statements about goals, plans, intentions; but these are not commitments. A letter has been sent to DPD from 30+ neighbors expressing concern about various issues


City of Seattle – Department of Planning and Development (DPD) – Jerry Phillips

Jerry has been working on a significant re-working of the Zoning Code for the last two years.  Jerry’s description: Current code is 20 years old; goals have changed. Changes primarily to Neighborhood Commercial/Urban Village rules. Current rules strongly encourage mixed use like Epicenter. Changes: trying to go farther in being pedestrian-friendly; more windows, streetscapes prevent parking in front; fewer curb cuts in NC zones revising design guidelines to have more involvement in design simplification of the code to be easier to use/understand.

Community: discussion of parking in downtown Fremont. Expression of fears about more bad crap being built. Point made about having a separate permit process for the demolition of the old structure and the design of the new buildings on that site.    Discussion of creating open space or making payments in lieu of other requirements/restrictions.

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