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Meeting Minutes – December 5, 2005

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Norma Jones, Vafa Ghazi, George Heideman, Dic Selin, April Thanos, Jenny Eichwald, Toby Thaler, Sheridan Hammonds, Alan Younkers, Benjamin Grossman, Julia DeBroux


GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Benjamin resigning from board since he had just purchased a home in Vashon.  He will be missed.


MINUTES:  The February 2005 minutes were approved as amended.




PARKS & OPEN SPACE:  Last public meeting for P-Patch on 42nd and Baker.


LAND USE:  The former City Light building on Albion did not receive historic landmark designation.  History House Executive Director had sent a letter opposing the designation, but this was done without the approval of the History House board.


LIQUOR RELATED ISSUES:  Alcohol Impact Area- There will be a hearing on alcohol impact area in downtown- including Capitol Hill, and the University District to restrict sale of low cost alcohol.  There are concerns that this will cause an increase in low alcohol sales and associated problems in Fremont. There was a motion to write a letter to the city council requesting that Fremont be included in any restriction of low cost alcohol bans.  It passed: 7 in support, 2 opposed 2 abstained.  Julia volunteered to write the letter.


AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Project was awarded state money ($830,000).  Sue is applying for tax credit.  This is the last of three funding hurdles.


NEWSLETTER It is going to be sent out 2nd week in January. Submission date is end of December.  Preliminary draft sent out to board members.  Final comments are due by Jan, 6th.  It goes to printer by Jan. 9th.


PUBLIC SAFETY There have been increased robberies and break-ins to unlocked homes. A-1 motel has new owners.  They will meet with neighbors on Dec. 13th at 7PM at Olympic Pizza. Noise Issue: Resident of Evanston Ave. presented concerns about noise levels from music at Tost and High Dive.  Neighborhood group has been formed by Nick Licata to look at bar issues.




History of Fremont Project Helen Divjak presented a request for funding to allow her to do an illustrated history book of Fremont.  The publisher will be Arcadia Publishing, which does not pay any upfront costs for book.  She will receive 8% royalties for the book, which she is willing to split with the FNC.  Additionally- FNC could purchase books at 42% of the publisher’s price and then sell them for the profits. She will also meet with the chamber to apply for funding.  History House is donating photos but not money. Motion to contribute $2999 with the condition that it be split into 2 installments of  $1500, half given initially and half given after next board meeting to see progress and royalty agreement..  Passed with 7 yes, 2 abstained




Meeting Location There was a discussion of possible new meeting locations, but no suitable alternative found.


2006 Meeting Dates: January 23rd, February 27th, March 27th, Annual Meeting- April 24th, May 22nd, June 26th, June 24th, September 25th, October 23rd, November 27th

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