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Meeting Minutes – August 2013

Fremont Neighborhood Council Meeting – August 26, 2013

Board members present:  Stephanie Pure, Elfreide Noble, Erik Pihl, Toby Thaler, Matt Gasparich, Norma Jones, Kevin McClain, Shawn Mulanix, Linda Clifton, Matthew McCauley, Judie Clarridge.

Stephanie opened the meeting and invited everyone to introduce themselves and share any announcements:

  • The 2nd annual Wiffleball tournament will be held on September 7th at B. F. Day to benefit the school’s Gym Equipment Fund.
  • The Fremont Chamber will hold their annual Oktoberfest on September 20-22.
  • The Chamber awarded $2,000 for the painting of traffic signal boxes.  Preparation will occur next week, followed by painting the first week of September.  B. F. Day PTSA may fund the painting of a box at 40th andFremont.
  • Linda reported that there was a good turnout for the clean-up of the 46th Street Mural on August 11th.  It took under 2 hours and included the bus stop area. Charlie Reidy, of Fremont-Aurora-Wallingford Neighbors (FAWN), organized a successful litter pickup along Aurora on August 10th.
  • Loren Street, SPD – North Precinct, introduced himself.  As a member of the North Community Police Team, he is theFremontpoint-of-contact, focusing on long-term, chronic problems in the neighborhood.

Re-Painting the Fremont Bridge – Art Brochet, SDOT

Art reported that theFremontBridgeis scheduled for re-painting from May – September 2014, using the current orange and blue color scheme. Most of the work will be done during weekdays.  They are working to minimize lane closure.  However, in order to paint (and allow to dry) the two “ends” of the bridge floor that meet/butt in the middle, there will be 4 weekend closures of the entire bridge.  There is a hazardous waste component as the old paint is blasted off and captured in a containment device under the bridge.  Erik asked if he had heard anything about re-painting theAuroraBridge; Art responded that he thinks that WSDOT has it in their plans.

Light Rail Study – Karen Waterman, Sound Transit; Michael James, SDOT

Karen and Michael gave an overview of the 8 Corridor options that are being considered in the Level 1 Analysis:  Corridors 1 – 4 reach Ballard via Interbay and do not enterFremontat all.  Corridors 5 – 8 reach Ballard viaFremontand include a station inFremont.

Corridor 5:  From downtown, light rail would go under Queen Anne via a tunnel and would cross the Ship Canal on a movable bridge west of theFremontBridge.  It would travel in an exclusive lane to Ballard.

Corridor 6: From downtown, it would travel in an exclusive lane along Westlake then enter a tunnel that would cross the Ship Canal and continue underground to 15th NW in Ballard.

Corridor 7: From downtown, it would use a shared lane along Dexter, cross the existingFremontBridge, and use a shared lane onLeary Way to Ballard.

Corridor 8: From downtown, it would travel in an exclusive lane along Westlake and Nickerson, then cross the Ship Canal on a movable bridge at 3rd NW, and use an exclusive lane to Ballard.

Maps and more information can be found under Latest News, “Open House Handout” at:

There was a question about where light rail goes once it reaches Ballard.  Karen replied that it is part of a larger plan that will connect Ballard to the UW. Also, a comment about the importance of accessibility for pedestrians and bicycle riders as the options are considered. Karen and Michael said that now is the time to provide feedback on the options.  Toby is setting up a new list serv dealing with Land Use and Transportation issues which will be open to the public and the board.  The goal is to develop input on this issue to bring to the  Board at the next meeting.

Pedestrian Safety – N. 43rd and Fremont Ave.:   Matt reported on a recent meeting with SDOT at this location. SDOT will conduct a detailed study on the location (by Caffé Vita or the Abbey) and options (stop sign, speed bump, etc.) that would most improve safety.  They will hold an outreach meeting in the fall to get feedback and plan for construction in the spring/summer 2014.

Chase Bank Front: Matt reported that he has been in communication with Chase. The awning/steel marquee can be reinstalled.  Matt will circulate drawings. The current Branch Manager is leaving the position on September 3rd  so the neighborhood will need to work with a new person.  There was a suggestion that Chase be invited to the September meeting.

Committee Reports

Land Use – 38th and Stone Way:  Members of the Board attended a second Design Review Board meeting on August 19th. The developer has reached out to the Wallingford Community and Fremont Neighborhood Councils. A number of concerns FNC raised about the design were addressed by DRB and the developer, but there is concern that the retail space in the plans is not functional.

Land Use – Italia / Isabella site on Aurora:   Toby and Linda met with Caroline Curtis, Director of Operations for the developer, Han Kim, who bought the Italia/Isabella site.  They talked about issues that are important to nearby residents, including loss of privacy, parking, and management for safety and crime prevention. Kim and his partners have made a proposal to Marriott for construction of a hotel.

Residential Parking Concern:  Stephanie shared a concern from a resident who contacted the FNC through Facebook.  She lives in upperFremont and reports that the increase in restaurants has made parking more difficult.  In particular, the new Rock Creek restaurant has seating for 90 and has no off-street parking.  She said that there is a group of residents who need help with a Residential Parking Zone.  She has checked out RPZ information online.  Erik noted that, in the past, residents have had more success working with SDOT on RPZ issues rather than following the process of gathering signatures from residents.

Treasurer’s Report:  Kevin reported:

BECU Checking                   $  4,562.37

Pay Pal                                        531.99

BECU Money Market             56,107.17

BECU Savings                                 5.00

TOTAL:                                $ 61,206.53


46th Street Mural                   $    566.39

Urban Artwork                         2,000.00

TOTAL:                                 $ 2,566.39

Minutes:  Kevin moved that the minutes be approved as presented.  Norma seconded. The motion passed.

Meeting adjourned.  The next meeting will be on Monday, September 23, 2013.

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