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Monthly Minutes – September 2015 Neighborhood Council Board Meeting – September 28, 2015

 Board members present:  Stephanie Pure, Elfriede Noble, Norma Jones, Matt Gasparich, Jim Engelhardt, Toby Thaler, Viet Nguyen, Linda Clifton, Shawn Mulanix, Judie Clarridge.

Toby opened the meeting and invited everyone to introduce themselves and share any announcements:

  • There will be a Candidate Forum for District 6 (includes Fremont, west of Aurora) on September 30 at 7:30 pm at the Phinney Neighborhood Association. It will be televised on the Seattle Channel.
  • Similarly, there will be a Candidate Forum for District 4 (includes Fremont, east of Aurora) on October 1 at University Heights Center which will also be televised on the Seattle Channel.
  • Linda will post both of these forums. Toby would like an email to be sent to the FNC.
  • Kirby Lindsay Laney announced that Trick or Treat in Fremont will be held on October 31 from 3 pm to 6 pm. 150 businesses will be participating.  Looking forward to seeing lots of children in costume.
  • Leo Griffin reported that a cell tower is being proposed near B. F. Day. Local residents are concerned.
  • Stephanie lead a moment of silence for the victims of the September 24th Aurora Bridge Crash.
  • Erik was out of town but relayed through Toby concerns about safety on the Aurora Bridge. The FNC was active regarding this issue 12 years ago but was not successful.  Erik suggested that a letter be sent to the Mayor and cc: City Council regarding the importance of Aurora Bridge safety to the Fremont neighborhood.


Seattle Neighborhood Greenways – Cathy Tuttle, Executive Director

 This is a volunteer coalition representing many neighborhoods across Seattle who plan and advocate for safe streets in residential areas.  Generally, Greenways are off of main arterials; they have low volumes of cars going slowly enough so that people who walk or ride bicycles feel safe and comfortable.  The coalition provides input and advice on Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans. They are working on streets without sidewalks to slow traffic.  Currently there is no one leading Fremont Greenways.  Getting local input is very important so that you can identify what the top 2 or 3 needs are and then advocate for them.  There was discussion about having active participation from the Fremont neighborhood on this issue.


 DISCUSSION:  Future Land Use Forum

 Fremont does not have its own neighborhood design guidelines.  We don’t know what the city guidelines look like.  Should we have a forum jointly with Wallingford and Ballard?  Roosevelt is having the “Roosevelt Land Use Academy”.   We know that Jessica Vets has worked on design guidelines for Queen Anne.  Are they of use?  We need to know the vocabulary, for example what does MUP mean?  Hold something like “Land Use 101”.  How can we have an impact?  We seem to have an impact on commercial projects but less so on residential. Panel discussion on DPD’s Seattle 2035.  How do we mobilize?  How can we be cost effective with our time?


Impact of HALA:  The area in east Fremont could go to L2 with 40’ – 50’ buildings.  Upzoning is a very big deal.  This is a very important subject.  The potential for change in the next year in Fremont is substantial.  HALA’s connection to Seattle 2035 is critical.  We want a say in what is happening here in Fremont.


Resources: which tracks large projects; get input from a land use attorney; Lee Raaen, Wallingford Community Council; could talk with developers.


Forum planning committee:  Toby, Jessica, Leo, Linda.


 Patrick Place Update – Randy Costello, Program Director – Catholic Community Services, Patrick Place

 Randy briefed on the program at Patrick Place which provides permanent housing at Patrick Place, 4251 Aurora Avenue N, for people who are coming out of homelessness.  There are 71 apartment units in the building.  They have case managers and support services such as medical and dental services.

Urban Artworks – Utility / Signal Box Project

 Matt reported that there are 3 remaining utility boxes that the FNC has agreed to fund: Fremont and 46th, Bridge Way and 38th, and Leary and 39th.  Urban Artworks has been waiting for permits from the city to begin painting.  He said he may need Karen Ko’s help to move the process along. Stephanie offered to send a letter from the FNC.

The design for one of the boxes has been done.  Matt will send out the designs to the board for their review.

It was noted that there is graffiti on the utility box at Fremont and N. 36th.  Matt will let Urban Artworks know.


Final thoughts:


  • Based on discussions from prior meetings, Stephanie prepared a letter on transit issues (routes, plans, etc.) important to Fremont to be sent to King County.  The letter was signed by board members.
  • Suggestion for future agenda item:  Transit Station settlement discussion with other plaintiffs.


Treasurer’s Report:


Jim reported that a check had been issued for $2,131.70 to Toby for reimbursement for the expenses associated with the appeal regarding the apartment project in the 3600 block of Linden Avenue.  He reported the following balances in the FNC’s accounts:


Verity Checking:                     $    563.11

Verity Money Market:             56,965.37

Paypal                                          146.28

46th Street Mural:   $471.39


Minutes:   The minutes for the August meeting were approved as presented.


The meeting was adjourned.  The next FNC Board meeting will be Monday, October 26, 2015.