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Meeting Minutes – May 2016

Fremont Neighborhood Council Board Meeting – May 23, 2016

Board members present:  Stephanie Pure, Shawn Mulanix, Matt Gasparich, Pete Hornyack, Jim Engelhardt, Toby Thaler, Elfriede Noble, Judie Clarridge.

Stephanie opened the meeting and invited everyone to introduce themselves and share any announcements:

  • Kirby Laney spoke about the memorial service for Mitzi Simons, a well-loved Fremont resident who passed away recently. She was very helpful to the FNC by ensuring the Doric Lodge meeting room was ready for monthly board meetings.
  • Karen Ko reported that the Fremont Clean Up will be on Saturday, May 28th from 9:30 to 11:30 am. They need a judge for the trash contest. Dennis Bateman provided more information on the event.
  • Kirby announced that the Fremont Fair will be June 17-19. The parade will be on Saturday, at 3 pm. Concerts will be free this year.  Friday, June 3rd is the date of the Briefcase Relay (6 pm) and Fremont 5K Fun Run/Walk (7 pm).  Meet at the Fremont Brewery on N. 34th.
  • Solid Ground is holding free Foreclosure Prevention Workshops on May 25th and June 8th at their offices in Wallingford. Costumes encouraged.  Bring canned goods for the Family Works food bank.
  • Hannah Parker, Fremont Branch, Seattle Public Library, spoke about upcoming events: (1) African American Film Series, “Malcolm X”, at 1 pm on May 28th, (2) Unplug and Play (board games, coloring) on June 4th at 2 pm, (3) Medicare Made Clear (free presentation) on June 11th at 1 pm, and (4) Evening Book Club, “The Brooklyn Follies”, on June 14th at 6:30 pm.

“Seattle’s Fremont” by Helen Divyak:  The FNC helped sponsor this book several years ago.  Two boxes (totaling 80 copies) were located recently.  Stephanie gave a copy to Pete.  Karen Ko asked for a copy to be given as a prize at the Fremont Clean Up.

MOTION:  Judie made a motion to donate 3 copies to the Fremont Branch for local circulation.  Shawn seconded.  The motion passed.

Making a decision on what to do with the remaining copies was deferred to a later meeting.

Prop 1: The Seattle Housing Level – Maureen Kostyack, Housing Program and Development Manager, City of Seattle

Seattle will be voting on August 2nd on Proposition 1, a $290 million levy over 7 years. The focus of the measure is to fund 2,150 affordable rental housing apartments for low-income residents.  It will produce new housing and preserve existing affordable housing.  The City has a long running track record in this area:  operating subsidies, assisting first time home owners, homelessness prevention by providing short term assistance to low income renters, energy upgrades in existing buildings, short term loans to acquire buildings or land, pilot programs to help with emergency repairs to keep low income homeowners in their homes.  Buildings are owned by non-profit organizations. Locations for new rental housing are planned close to high capacity transit.

The board will consider whether to support the levy at the June meeting.

Introduction to Seattle Freight Mobility Plan (FMP)

The plan is being developed so that freight will be included in the Master Plan where all modes of transportation come together. Freight is an important part of transportation issues in Fremont.  There was general discussion on transportation:  bikes and pedestrians on the Burke-Gilman, safety issues where the Burke-Gilman meets Stone Way, safety is improved when bike riders use a bell to alert pedestrians.

Gabriela Vega (SDOT) will be on the agenda for the June meeting to provide more detailed information on the FMP and hear comments.


Fremont Project Ideas – Stephanie Pure  


There was discussion about what we want to support, possible resources, tasks

  • Pedestrian safety such as the request at last month’s meeting for improvements to make it safer for pedestrians to cross N. 36th near 1st Avenue, NW
  • Invite a representative from B.F. Day PTSA to a meeting to discuss their needs.
  • Discussion with other plaintiffs about the best use for the $60K from the Transfer Station settlement. Suggestion that it be used for improved bus service between upper Fremont and the Fremont Bridge.
  • Partner with the Chamber to work on safety on the Fremont Bridge.
  • Improve uneven sidewalks on the south side of N. 36th Street
  • Repair the Helen Tapp bench on Fremont Avenue
  • Partner with the Chamber regarding the process for making grants
  • Encourage homegrown activists
  • Improve safety along Fremont Avenue by B.F. Day – improve lighting
  • Preserve / increase the tree canopy
  • Work with remaining board of Fremont Neighborhood Fund
  • Post a survey on the website to gather ideas from Fremont residents
  • Conduct a Fremont Annual Survey
  • Find someone to serve as a public safety chair (increase in car break-ins)
  • Encourage a pharmacy to locate in Fremont
  • Support the Fremont Arts Council (they may be looking for board members who are not artists)
  • Recruit people to work on projects


Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) Informational Mailing

There was a mistake in the initial estimate for the Fremont-wide mailing regarding the impact of provisions in HALA.  The estimate is now $3,799 for all houses and apartments.  There were alternatives, including eliminating the addresses in west Fremont, for reducing the cost but the board said that it was important to include west Fremont residents.

MOTION:  A motion to authorize up to $4,000 for the mailing, including the design.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Jim reported the following current balances in the FNC’s accounts:

Verity Checking:                     $        175.50

Verity Money Market:                54,159.79

PayPal                                                287.88

46th Street Mural:                     $       71.39


2016 year-to-date figures for dues/donations total $1,368.83:  $858.83 through PayPal; $510.00 by check.

Expenditures this month:  $3,000 to Urban Artworks, $297.50 for HALA mailing design, and $76.50 to Judie for printing FNC tri-folds.

Minutes:  Toby made a motion to approve the April minutes as presented.  Shawn seconded and the motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned.  The next board meeting will be Monday June 27, 2016.