Fremont Arts Council writes: “Luminata is one week away! Saturday, September 22nd 6:30 – 10:00 PM Green Lake Park:

Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox with your friends, family, neighbors and The Fremont Arts Council on September 22nd at Green Lake Park with our annual illuminated art celebration.

Full participation is open to the public! Everyone is invited to bring lanterns, glowing umbrellas, luminous costumes, or other beaming creations to parade along the lake. Then explore the magical art installations, interactive experiences, music and performance spread throughout the park.

6:30 PM – Aqua Theater The Lantern Shoppe opens, featuring hand-decorated lanterns created at workshops by your friends and neighbors. All proceeds support the event.

 7:30 PM – Aqua Theater Opening Ceremony and Performance at the Aqua Theater grandstands at the south shores of Green Lake.

8:00 PM – Bathhouse Theater & Beyond! We all parade with our lanterns, costumes and creations along the lakeshore towards the Bathhouse Theater. Have a snack at the Secret Banquet, then continue along the path to discover more art, music, and performance!    Details …

 Make your own illumination:

Last Chance Luminata Lantern Workshops!  The Powerhouse – 3940 Fremont Ave N

Sunday, September 16 – 10 am and 2 pm; Wednesday, 9/19 7pm Thursday, 9/20 6pm Luminata September 22 at Green Lake

Make & Take: decorate your own to bring to the celebration on the 22nd, and decorate 2 (or more) to supply the Luminata Lantern Shoppe. Only have time to focus on your own creation? Donations of $10 are greatly appreciated. All proceeds help make our glowing fall workshops and celebration possible. Details ….

Finally, they invite everyone to get involved!   All Are Welcome Here   We  affirm our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere for people of all races and backgrounds to create art and celebrations. There is no place for racism, sexism or sexual harassment at our events or in in our community.  In support of this, the Fremont Arts Council affirms our Commitment to Racial Equity and Inclusion.  Details …

 Volunteer!  Have you been hankering to get more involved with FAC? We need you and your talents! Let us know who you are and what you’re interested in, and we promise to find a fun way to scratch that creative itch. Volunteer …

Join the “FAC List” our Online Collaboration Group   The “FAC List” is a moderated discussion group for our inner circle of friends that want to stay in touch, learn about our current happenings, participate in event planning, share community art postings of interest, and help the FAC thrive. To subscribe:  Subscribe to our Mailing List – and check the “get more involved” option for  “FAC List – Subscribe Me”

Support Community Art!  Want to keep the Fremont Arts Council in glitter and goo-gahs? We could not create our events and community art workshops without the support of our community. Donate or become a member…

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The Fremont Arts Council engages community to cultivate the spirit of celebration where everyone is an artist!       Luminata Sept 22