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Community Meeting on Townhouses

Seattle Council member Sally Clark is hosting a community meeting in Greenwood about new possible rules surrounding how lowrise buildings like Rowhouses, Apartments & Townhomes are built in Seattle.

Ugly townhouses are a subject to which I enjoy an intimate familiarity…. I live in one.

My off-beige circa 2000 living stamp has all the classic amenities: inaccessible garage clustered around a communal expanse of pavement, bizarrely vaulted 20 ft ceilings in the stairway, efficient kitchen/living/dining room ideal for romantic TV dinners etc.

Yet, I love my neighborhood and my neighbors and I would never be able to live in Fremont if there weren’t ugly townhouses. The cute craftsmans were out of my price range.

Snobby sniffing about ugly townhouses makes my blood simmer, especially if I’m having a bad day, like when I have to change one of the light bulbs on the 20ft vaulted ceiling . I know I should hate my ugly townhouse in those moments, but at least it’smy ugly townhouse. Why should I have to defend my ugly townhouse to some Cape Cod Colonial savant just because they happened to live in Seattle back when someone could actually afford to buy a Cape Cod Colonial?

Architects, developers, city planners, anybody…. is there a solution? There must be a way we can create aesthetically pleasing and affordable homes?

For Seattle Councilmember Sally Clark, this is an ideal political problem to tackle for only one reason: almost nobody seems to be defending the status quo. But how will she figure out an answer and does one even exist?

With virtually no new townhouses currently being built in Seattle we may have to wait awhile before understanding whether any of the city council’s proposed changes will “work”. Silver lining is that we have plenty of time to put this through the Seattle-process coffee grinder and hope

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this time they get it right.

Plus, I hear that right now you can find some really good deals on Fremont craftsman homes…. is anyone in the market to buy a townhouse?

— END —

Details on the meeting:
Rowhouses, Apartments & Townhomes – New Rules for the Road
Saturday, March 20
10 a.m. – noon
Taproot Theatre in Greenwood (204 N 85th St)

It’s time to change the way we design and shape new lowrise buildings in
Seattle. City Council will change the code to make quality, sustainable,
well-designed multifamily housing that synchs with the neighborhoods where
they are built – and we need your help! This is a prime opportunity for
Councilmembers to hear your feedback

Meeting Format:
* Council Staff will highlight some of the hot-button issues.
* Councilmembers will then work through some of the topics
* Substantial time will be dedicated to hearing from you, the
* Coffee and doughnuts will fuel the creativity

Highlighted topics will include parking requirements, building heights,
density limits, code simplification, and design review requirements.

Parking is available in the lot behind the theatre. You can plan your bus
trip here <> . Translation services
available upon advance request. Meeting space generously donated by Taproot
Theatre <> .

Lean more about the Multifamily Code Update at Councilmember Sally J.
Clark’s website, here
<,%20here> . Questions
about the event? Contact her office at (206) 684-8802 or


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