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Agendas & Minutes

August Meeting Minutes

Fremont Neighborhood Council

Board Meeting, August 24, 2009

Minutes (final)

Present: Elfreda Noble, Kathleen Crosser, Toby Thaler, Stephanie Pure, Shawn Mulanix, George Heideman, Matt Gasparich, Norma Jones

Absent: Erik Pihl, Dic Selin, Sheridan Hammond, Julia DeBroux



Playspace on 50th at Evanston (in church) is operating. Looking for donations, users, etc., 491-0119

Fremont Bridge artist project. Sound installations will be in place October through April. Saturday, Sept. 26 event planned with 100 marchers. T-shirts for volunteers. Sign up passed around.

Future Shack, and interesting event by AIA on building design for housing (Stephanie is involved)


July 2009 approved with two spelling corrections


Checking = 3134.63

Savings = 239.80

CD = 35126.26 (renewed automatically 1 year @ 2.5%)

MM = 25815.65

Total = 64316.34

Old Business

• FNC Website. Much discussion on how to proceed. Person was hired to work on web page, 4 hours (see July minutes). The blog is a separate thing. General consensus to do both. Moved, seconded and passed (MSP) to spend up to $200 to hire Kathleen Warren at $20/hour to set up the blog.

803 466-6932


• Candidates forum, of which FNC is one sponsor (October 13 at Lincoln HS). Matt will be able to attend next committee meeting on August 31.

• Tim thanked FNC board members who came by Troll clean up when Mayor Nickels was there, and for helping out. (Erik was a wild man with the chain saw.)

Committee Reports

LUDC. Detached Accessory Dwelling Units was a hot topic at the last meeting

New Business

• “From Graffiti to Gorgeous” to beautify underpass at 46th and Aurora. Small and simple grant application. Due August 31. MSP for Matt to draft letter for Norma to sign in support of grant, with email opportunity for board to review (short turn around)

• Jessica Vets (from Fremont Chamber) brought up idea of video at the Troll.

Executive Session

MSP to authorize Toby to appeal superior court decision in NRDS case to Court of Appeals, with expenses up to $500 covered.


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